Daily Archives: November 19, 2004

Knives, Puppies, Babies, Cables, and Fuzzy Yarn

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I’ve been working on Robby’s Christmas stocking. I had another late night yesterday unfortunately, which leaves me with no pictures. I’ve ripped the toe about 4 times. Again, I have to mention how proud I am of myself. Typically I wouldn’t rip and I’d just convince myself that it would work out. Like Magic. I’m really learning and enjoying the process. I think having multiple projects going at once really helps this attitude. When I get frustrated, which is often, I can put the project in Time Out and move onto something else. Knitting is making me a better person. I swear.

I’m super excited for tomorrow. I get to meet JKC of the Project and I get to see Elisa who is a bit Tongue Tied and her friend Keiko again. We’re meeting up for fun in the grand city of Milton with a possible side trip to Jamaica Plain. Yarn stores and food are in order. I will bring lots of pictures of puppies and babies to bring Jackie over to the fuzzy side and I will bring a cable needle to bring Elisa over to the cable side. Keiko shall escape my wrath for now. I’ve warned them of my Curious George head knife wielding tendencies. Apparently they are not afraid.

Which brings me to a funny story. Rob and I started dating about three years ago. I met him at a Dog Park in Athens, Georgia. This was as cheesy and movie-ish as it sounds. At least for him it was, I was a bit timid and overwhelmed at the time. I was finishing my thesis, applying for jobs, getting over a relationship, and getting ready to move back to civilization (the North.) Rob, on the other hand, was in love and ready to marry me after the first date. Really, he was very vocal about this. Thank God he stuck around. I was a bit slow to come around to his many charms and qualities. In fact, for the first couple of months of our “relationship” I would sidle up to the passenger side door as we pulled up to my driveway with my hand on the door knob ready to jump out as the car slowed in order to avoid the dreaded kiss. Eventually this kiss came and the rest is history.

My friend Emily came to visit me during this rocky beginning. The three of us spent some time one evening in a bar. Drunk Emily, who is always amusing, had a sudden thought, “Wendy is down here all alone. What if this guy does something bad, like kill her? We don’t even really know if he is who is says he is.” She mumbled something about not believing Rob was as old as he said he was. Rob whipped out his license and Emily proceeded to memorize his full name and address. Just in case.