Whew. Note to self: do not EVER quit your job. It’s no fun for anyone. However, I must say that I made up a new sound yesterday after hopping off my last commuter rail trip to the southern tier of Boston.“I don’t have to work there anyyyyymoooooreeee”

Repeat, say, 1,000 times and you get the feeling that’s pulsing through my blood right now.

A quiz:

Which one of these things doesn’t look like the other?

The pattern is Kate Gilbert’s Gifted pattern.

It’s lovely to knit. My boyfriend Caleb picked the colors and I miraculously turned the yarn into a single mitten before his eyes. I made a few modifications and/or forgot to do some things in the pattern. In spite of that it all looked pretty good. The one exception was the thumb. The thumb was super long. This kid could have picked up a ride from the Polar Express with that thumb sticking out. Sorry, no picture…use your imagination!What is a knitter pressed for time to do? Cut the thumb. Green Eyed Girl recently did this with a silly looking sock. It was one of the coolest things I’ve ever done. Totally liberating. I highly recommend it.

I left sweet boyfriend Caleb’s side and went off to finish the second mitten. I got the thumb right this time. But I forgot what kind of modifications were made. Alas…two mittens made for someone who is very confused…

Seeing as he’s two and likely to loose them in the first millisecond of wearing them – they’re getting sent off to him mama tomorrow.

I leave you with this:

Our cat futureman…who has no shame.