Daily Archives: January 23, 2005

How do you people do this?!

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As many of you know, I started a new job this week. It’s fun and energizing and motivating and enthralling and just plain damn busy. For one reason or another I had a copiuous amount (or is it copious amounts? For crying out loud will someone get my grammar lessons for my damn birthday. Which by the way is March 3rd. I’m a big fan of the birthday. Full ones and half ones. I may get out a P.O. box for the occation. Kidding. Really. Kidding.) of time on my hands.
Enter blogland. The savior of my blindingly boring day. I love my blog, I love my fellow bloggers. Inspiration, good humor and kind words all in one place. And now, now I can’t even find time to check bloglines with its updates screaming at me.
I’m thinking about you all…I’m almost through all of your shanananananangins and will hopefully find some way to balance the demands of a new job and the posting/reading of my lovely blogs.
I have been knitting. Maybe I’ll just start posting pictures….