Name that Object

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My husband and I went off to Vermont for the long weekend. We’ve established a bit of a tradition with some friends of ours. This is our second year renting a lovely house in the middle of nowhere Vermont. No phones, no TV, no distractions. We had a fabulous time. Drinking, eating, sleeping, and playing board games. Returning home was a total bummer. I had to make the trip a day earlier than I had intended. Mr. Robby got sick and now I’ve got it too, just a bit of the winter cold.

On to more exciting things…

I knit quite a bit. Ms Cathi sezzz that I’m a secret knitter. Me? Secrets? Eh, hem. Cathi, have you read my Valentine’s Day entry? Oh, wait…that had nothing to do with knitting.

In the interest of full disclosure, I started this lovely project this past weekend…

Name that object.

Hint: Did anyone see that bandwagon pass by here earlier?

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