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Tips for Meeting Bloggers…. (*updated*)

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Thank you all for the birthday wishes. I’m following in Maryse’s footsteps and celebrating all week. Today my sweet husband picked me up at work and drove me home. All of this in BOSTON TRAFFIC. “Luv trub luv” (As only the priest in Princess Bride could say.)

I’m also glad to hear that you all seem to love the Birthday, both half and otherwise. You guys made my day and it’s not even here yet!

Rob and I took lots of pictures of fun knitting. One of the things my birthday inspires me to do is give gifts to others! My server isn’t letting me upload anything right now. Hopefully tomorrow.

In the meantime go check out Cara’s lovely description of her time here in Boston. Be sure to read the comments to get the REAL story. I was able to spend a good part of Friday torturing her with treks through the cold-ass streets of Boston. We were in search of fiber and man did we ever find it. My stamina was like no other. That is, until the hunger coma hit. The last leg of the trip is always the hardest. Lucky for us this leg ended at the restaurant.

For those of you who have yet to meet a fellow blogger in person let’s all attempt to offer some pointers and/or insights. I’ll list a few here and we’ll see where it goes:

1) First and foremost….you can never be too careful. Each time I’ve left the house to go meet these “strangers” Robby has carefully requested and written down their phone numbers. That way when I don’t show up he can give them a ring and ask them where they’ve hidden my body parts. While we don’t have much experience with this scenario we both imagine the information would be forthcoming upon the inquiry. Cara’s beloved advised her not to get in the car with any bloggers she just met. Cars lead to evil things.

2) When meeting the “stranger” be sure to give a description of yourself. Pictures are not always accurate. Note: Jokes about, “Being the person weilding the long knife” are typically not very well received. I’m not sure why. I’ll write it off to the lack of tone in the printed word.

3) It is best to always carry a sharpie pen in your knitting bag. Blogging knitters are like magnets, they attrack others. The pen is useful for autographs and the like. You haven’t lived until a knitting blogger has signed your chest and vice/versa.

4) When a well known blogger is spotted in a yarn store it is best to surround them and bombard them from all sides. We are all a bit embarassed. It’s the life we have choosen to lead….a cross we must all bear. Fame and fortune have drawbacks, I know I hate it when bloggers interupt my private time in yarn stores. All 7 of my readers are such a pain in the arse. Always lurking behind that stack of Noro, pretending to finger that Jo Sharp. They, like me, know that in the end if I get that ball band signed I’ve got a free ticket to Maryland Sheep and Wool from the ebay auction proceeds. (Sorry Alison andJohanna, I don’t get out much)

5) Lastly, be prepared to be amazed. If you have connected with this person online, if you “get” their sense of humor, you will feel comfortable with this person and your craft will provide the common ground. I will never cease to be amazed at how well I have gotten along with each of the knit bloggers that I have met in the past few months. They’re like me! Only better. (Scary guys, I know…) However, this sense of comfort is no excuse for blabbering on and on about your scary third grade teacher and the last time you saw your favorite pair of jeans, and how horrible your Valentine’s Day was. Leave that for your blog…where they have the power to “click-off”.

Any other advice out there?

***UPDATE*** Okay, cursingmama’s comment freaked me a bit. You guys know I’m kidding, right?!