Daily Archives: June 16, 2005

Holy Bat Guano Batman

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You guys are the master movie quote finders! I had no idea. Pure genius.

Do you think we could somehow convince Hollywood that we’d all be good movie writers? We blog. We knit. We could write movies. It could work.

Thank you all for the wonderful Birthday wishes for the Robster. His day was a good one. Complete with friends, food, cake, spiderman balloons, beer, and PRESENTS!

We’re off to Kentucky this weekend to eat some hay and walk around barefoot drinkin’ moonshine. Teeeheheee. I’m kidding.

We’re off to Kentucky to see Rob’s family. I won’t be able to post through the weekend. The quotes are coming with us on the plane so hopefully we’ll be able to crack them soon. I’m totally one of those people that gets brain freeze as soon as a question is asked of me. “Bookish Girl, are you wearing underwear?” Ummm, well, I’m not sure…ummm, let me think.

It’s so not cool and makes the movie thing almost impossible for me.

The eternal question that plagues us all when the suitcases come out?

What knitting to bring?!

Fortunately I’m well versed in this one. The answer is RED SOX.