Lunchtime Math

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It’s lunchtime in the office of the Bookish Girl and we’re ready for some math.

Rob and I live in a 3-family house, of which we own exactly 1 floor and 1/3 of the shared areas. What this equals is about 8,000 lbs of headache. Not because our neighbors are horrible, they are awesome. Not because we weren’t self aware and careful about our purchase, because we were. Because we were fooled and led astray by an evil developer with a small bank account and an even smaller brain, we recently discovered that our “new” roof (”new” when we bought it, almost 2 years ago) needs to be replaced. “New” roofs don’t have $10K worth of repairs in them. No, “new” roofs that have 10K worth of repairs need to be REPLACED. Jerk.

This leads to our next math problem. My next project. Project? Me? Knit? Yes, I do, every day, every weekend, every minute that I can. You’d think I’d talk about it a bit more, eh? Yah, you’d think.

So, Kay waxes phil about the beauty and loveliness of denim. Kay taints us with announcements of said denim on sale. And then Knit and Tonic (a Knitting Wendy!) drapes herself across her blog with an even larger carrot – a Finished Sweater, Raspy (Rowan from Denim People.) This is totally my kind of sweater. The yarn at Elann is totally my kind of price. It’s a beautiful coupling. That is, until you consider the roof. And my budget. And my debt. And my teeny paycheck. And the vacation I just took.


I think that this project will take 13 balls of the Den-M-ite Yarn (13*100 yards = 1300 yards.) This may be cutting it close as the Rowan denim (the pattern yarn) has 101 yards in it (13*101 yards = 1313 yards.) If I am 13 yards short I will cry.

Each ball costs $3.25, $3.25 * 13 = $42.25. Not too bad, considering the cost of the Rowan Denim. Shipping! This/These bag(s) of yarn will find its way to my door for a mere $7.25.

Total cost = $49.50

If I save $15 of my allowance (yes, we have a weekly allowance, it’s the only way to control our spending) I think I can save enough in: $50/$15 = 3.333333 weeks. August 19th to be exact. Which is nice. Between now and then I can finish up and start one project in my pile. And I can get you all updated on my knitting adventures.

They’re crazy I tell you and almost all involve some math!

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