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A few weeks ago I took a day off of work to “regroup”. I looked forward to knitting my day away. I ate a bit- o-breakfast, fired up the Tivo and settled down.

My sweetie gave me some yarn and a pattern for Christmas. He had expressed some concern that I never knit anything for myself. The rule was I had to use this yarn and pattern for me. Twist-my-freaking-arm. He rocks. For real. What kind of husband passes the crack over freely? Mine does.

Yarn: Dalegarn Svale
Pattern from NR 132 Nr 11

I swatched it up. I swatched until I was blue in the face. Rob looked at me and said – you never spend this much time with your swatches. Tis true, I am a fickle swatcher. I do it, but at the bare minimum of effort. My gauge was off a bit. I made some math happen and viola…I’m ready to cast on (228 stiches!)

And rip…and cast on again. I crusied through the first row. And ripped. Miscounted.

Didn’t have to cast on this time. Just reknit the first row and on to the second row. Knitting straight across 228 stitches flew by. Whew. Watch me go.

And watch me realize that I have cast on the wrong number of stitches. A-G-A-I-N.

For those of you keeping score:

Ripping Bad Guy – 3
Bookish Girl – 0

This is where my day ended:

That blob south of the ball? It will be cut from the lifeline of its source. I know it’s conspiring against me. To add insult to injury it insisted on tangling itself up.

Rome wasn’t built in a day.

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