Daily Archives: August 18, 2005

A Spicy Yarn

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My taste in art is a bit strange, influenced by many different factors. I happen to really like pin-up pictures from the 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s. I think some of it has to do with nostalgia for times spent with a close friend (that I’ve known since we were 10) who is now a tattoo artist. He loved to draw pin-ups and always had lots of books to look at. One famous pin-up artist is Gil Elvgren. He created hundreds of drawings, many of them of the same pose with different cloths (or lack thereof) and/or backgrounds. The woman were hippy and busty and perky and butty. No waifs in his drawings. He used live models and made them pose in these awkward positions. Very interesting process. The drawings were used, for the most part, in advertising. During the 50s he worked for a firm that paid him $1,000 a drawing. Not a bad living. Melanoma’s pin-up on her header is a modification of one of his drawings. Melanie picked out the picture (her husband is a tattoo artist, are you sensing a theme here?) and Robby put some flames in for her.

I’m in the process of knitting up Grumperina’s Tivoli T in Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece. My husband calls this the TTTT (Trailer Trash Tank Top.) I’m not sure what brought this about but it makes me giggle.

I tried it on the other night to make sure the boobage would fit properly. I was contemplating short rows a la Shapely Tank but thought better of them after trying it on. I think the way the pattern is written eliminates the need. ‘Sides that, two of the model’s bust sizes are just about at mine. I love me some big busted models. Makes me feel all at home and crap.

I downloaded the picture of me in my TTTT and it sparked a memory of a Gil Elvgren pin up that I saw a few weeks ago (in said friend’s tattoo shop)and was hoping to use in a new (gasp) blog design.

What do you think? Am I the next pin-up model or what?!