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Thank you for the fine compliments on the scarf. Do you believe it is the first scarf that I have knit for myself? And, to answer the question, how did Rob feel about a yarny wedding gift? My man is so fine he did not even blink an eye. He did, however, forbid yarn on the honeymoon. Honestly, I did not mind a bit. Small sacrifices, you know?
High on my selfish knitting (Christmas? When? What? Who’s talking? Where is that voice coming from?) and lured by the yarn stores of New York City and Rowan Chunky Print I decided to knit myself a hat. Easier said than done.

Hat for Wendy


My head is big but the hat is bigger, rip and reknit baby.

Alas, success.

The yarn is Rowan Chunky Print (100% Wool, 109 yds, 100g colorway Shriek SH0081, purchase at Seaport Yarn (site not working at publication), $13.50) I made up the pattern using size 11 needles. I normally push up a needle size from the recommended because I knit tightly. For this hat I wanted a tighter gauge (tighter gauge = warmer hat.) The yarn is think and thin and I was afraid holes would come out. It took me two tries, the result was totally worth it. A quick knit (each version took me a night) and this yarn is yum. The colors and cute, the fabric is soft and it is holding up really well!

My favorite part? The pom-pom of course. My first pom, ahhh.. Everyone needs a little pom in their life.

The ornament in the back of that last picture? That is me – age 3. How cute am I? I loved that necklace I’m wearing. I am pretty sure I was talking to my dad on the phone, he was at work. Although, that may not be true, because he usually was the one taking pictures, not my mom. I’ll have to ask. I made this ornament for my mom when I was a wee one. It is mounted on a canning jar top with felt and yarn to hold it on the tree. My mom has this wonderful tradition of giving us an ornament each year. She has done this since I was very little. Her idea was that this would give us lots of ornaments to populate our own trees with! This year is the first year that I have had them. Rob and I had so much fun going through them as we decorated. This was his favorite.

Bookish Wendy, 1979


Awhile back someone left me an anonymous comment with a question about The Big Sack sweater. If you are still looking for help please let me know. I cannot trace emails from comments, especially when they’re anonymous. ;)

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