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I woke up at 4 am yesterday and could not fall back asleep. I got up and paid bills. Whew-eee. Same thing this morning – except it was the fat cat that woke me and I wasn’t able to get up. I. do. not. do. well. without. sleep.I had to write a mean letter to someone at work today. That made me feel even grumpier. So, today on this here blog we have a special feature. Please feel free to send me any additional items…

Things that are keeping me from blowing my top today:
The Flying Spaghetti Monster Hat. – I gots to learn me some crochet….or alter the damn pattern. (via Fussy)A Vacation from Marriage and the sailor who knits in it!

Pandora – Internet Music the way that you want it!!!

Knit Cast and Cast-On Podcasts – I’m a total nerd and I love it!

The New Yorker on Audible.com – Never had time to read it before, now I can listen.

Gmaps Pedometer – Did you know that my walk from the bus to my buidling is 0.3 miles?


ps – Kat, can you send me your email? I would love your sock!!

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