Abe – alive or dead?

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Hello? Are you out there?

Apparently the cookies and chocolate worked. We have a working server! For now. I’ve been informed that the server’s computer is very very old and that we should limit our expectations. Humpf. It’s had a good life. I may have to actually start paying for this shit? Can you believe that?

I am blogging to you live from my couch. Do you realize how amazing, unbelievable, and extraordinary an event this is? Do you know what this means for Bookish Girl central? It means that a laptop has been purchased. It means that a laptop has found its way into my greedy needy hands. I have dreamed of a laptop to call my very own for years. A year anniversary at my work (!) brought the unexpected benefit of a computer reimbursement. Any of you small business/large business employerers out there? You can totally seduce your employees with benefits such as these.

I have downloaded my Firefox Abe Vigado status bar. Now, all I have to do is name this puppy. Bookish Baby? Hmmm, the Silver Fox?

The possibilities are endless.

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