Daily Archives: April 14, 2006

Ramblin’ On

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Thank you all for taking the time to leave me your words of support. I have loved the distraction and the warm fuzz sent through the internet. I’m not sure that I will be able to get to thank each of you individually – but please know that I’m thankful and truly appreciative.

It has been a bit harder since our return to normal life. I live in a different city and did not often see her, however, knowing that I can not call is a strange feeling. We all have inherited her sense of humor (among other things) and have found this a great coping mechanism. Grandma was very particular with her things and was a bit of a pack rat. I was cleaning out her art supply cabinet (more on this later) and repeatedly dropped boxes of things. I was all jelly fingers. The theory floating around was that she was pissed and was trying to tell me to quit touching her stuff (most of it was being donated to the residence in which she lived.)

Rob and I purchased a lotto ticket the other night – we figure that we probably will never have as much of a chance of winning as we do this week. She would totally let us win if she had her way.

I have spent the last few days trying to catch up at work. Between Jury duty, my trip to NYC, and my trip home to ROC I haven’t been in the office much. I have also been waiting for the other shoe to drop. First Ms. Melanie finding her way in out of hospitals and then Grandma…I’m waiting for the third thing to find its way to me. Bad things ALWAYS come in threes.

I did get to spend some time QT with my favorite new mom these past few days. This woman is my hero. For realises. She is so brave and graceful. Go show her some love. Her attitude has made me truly put everything back into perspective. And the hot doctors that seem to travel around her, well, they help too. ;)
To add to the rambling falling out of me today…

A huge box awaited me upon my return on Monday. It was a belated birthday gift from my BFF Juli.

A horrible picture – it was dark outside.

Ain’t it awesome. Juli is an incredible potter (is that the right word?) And she made this ’specially for me. Her hubber (the soon to be recipiant of my tetrahymena creation) did the wood work. They rock.

Just because this blog needs a little pick-me up…here are some of my favorite rugrats. Neala and Noah, True love Always.

These were taken during my birthday trip to Vermont. These two baby buttons are about 3 months apart. It amazes me to see the developmental differences in the short distance between their ages. The adults were sitting around the table shooting the shit and the kids were getting antsy. So, the moms plopped them on the table and I handed them all things knitting that couldn’t fit down their throats.