Daily Archives: April 17, 2006

Chunky Tut Part Deux

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I am so glad you all love Juli as much as I do. And for all of you who are scared to go back to projects after hating them… just do it. It takes one itty bitty step after another to reach the finish.

Here we are day 2 of the week and another finished object to show you.

Remember this hat?

Well, I decided to make one for my sister for Christmas. Problem is, I decided this about a week before Christmas.

Here I am knitting away on Christmas Eve at my parent’s house. I’m wearing the hat that I knit first for myself, no pattern just made it up, and am knitting the one for Margaret. How meta.

She was sitting next to me as I knit. When I finished she said, “Oh, that’s cute, who is it for?” I said “you, here ya go!”

Great sister, huh?

Same yarn, same pattern…she has the EXACT same size head as I do, which is somewhere around huge and ginormous. This realization led to a frantic measuring of all the heads in my family. Cousins, uncles, aunts. We all have freakishly big heads.

All the better to out thunk you my friend.