Trudy the Tetrahymena has Left the Building

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Wayyyyy back when (have you noticed I say this a lot) I conceived and started to implement a genius idea.

I was going to knit a Tetrahymena for my BFF’s husband Chad.

The prototype was completed before the holidays. And then this big alien ship came down and possessed my body. Unfortunately this alien didn’t know how to knit, but man did it ever know how to eat! Whew. It just ate and ate and ate…

Okay – so the alien did not come down and I did find appropriate yarns (Brown Sheep and some eyelashy crappy crap) for the job and I knit and knit and knit. I finished the project right around my Birthday and felted the sucker for good measure. Unfortunately I did not take any before pictures.

Picture me this: a deflated astro-turfy covered pear shaped foot ball sized sack.

Here she is all stuff up and ready to be sent.

Robby made a name tags for her. There would be nothing more embarrassing than Chad not being able to recognize the organism on which he expends the majority of his creative and scientific energy. I was worried the astro-turfy look would throw him off (note to self: choose another color next time.)

Chad seems to think Trudy the Tetrahymena sounds like a porn name. Hmm, what kind of porn is Chad watching? Juli you should keep a better eye on yer fella. ;)
The name was actually inspired by this character:

Truly Scrumptious in Chitty-Chitty Bang-Bang (alright. so we have a long running argument in our house. I happen to think that Charlie and the Chocolate factory (the old one) is an incredibly scary horrible scary horrible movie. Rob laughs. However, he claims that Chitty-Chitty is a terrifying movie not suited for children.** We have serious debates here. Weigh in with your opinion. Your voice will be heard!)

We had just watched Truly sweeten her way into the hearts of Dick Van Dyke when we were faced with the naming task. Trudy fell right off of our lips and onto the tetrahymena.

Chad received his gift this week. Upon receipt he sent and email off to me. Get this – there is another knitted tetrahymena out there!!!

Chad sayzzz:

“The crazy thing is that this isn’t the only knitted Tetrahymena in the world. Two weeks ago I was at this meeting and this guy had one made for him….crazy huh? He has been traveling all around the world with it, taking pictures of it on mountain, tall buildings etc. Tetrahymena people are a little crazy.”

Eh, big deal. Knitter’s who knit them are crazier!

**ETA: For clarification, our debate is actually about which was/is scarier to us. Rob used to have nightmares about the child-stealer in CCBB. I have always thought Charlie and the CF was wayyy scarier. Neither of us has ever considered the appropriateness.

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