I’m hot blooded, check it and see I got a fever of a hundred and three…

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… Come on baby, do you do more than dance?

Let’s lighten the load over here.

Another finished knit.

Finished back in February, right before I started the Olympics. The pattern is a free pattern from Blue Alverez Designs, it is called – Hot Lava. Which, every time I think of the name, I think of the Foreigner song quoted in the title and at the start of the post. So funny.

I used Classic Elite Montera. Another score from our Christmas trip to the Warehouse. It was fun yarn. Definitely a WOOL wool.

Not sure what sized needles I used, I can’t remember.

I love this sweater. It was an easy knit. It fits great. I actually prefer to wear it upside down from the intended orientation. I like the way fabric lies. It’s sassy while still being functional.

And, most importantly. It deals with the rack well.


I just found another pattern from Blue Alverez that I think I’ll put on my list…Licorice Whip.

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