Hell hath frozen over

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Thank you LauraA for the keen editing eye. Yes, it is the Andy Griffith Show and NOT Andy Griffin. My “lack of proof-reading” error. However, Maryse, you are a big turd for making fun of me when you’re Ms. “I’m french and drop letters at the ends of words just to confuse people who try to speak my language.” Bo-ho-ho.

Jenn has pinky double dog dare promised that she did not cheat. So, she will be the recipient of the pooping sheep. Honestly, I’m a bit surprised. I figured you would all see the prize and claim that you had cheated until the cows came home just to get out of receiving it. I am beyond thrilled that you, my readers, have my wasted sense of humor. I will likely end up at the craft store sometime soon and will try to seek out the pooper for KarenK who will be disappointed at Jenn’s stand up non-cheating self.

On to the real news of the day.

You feel that?

That cold breeze?

Ohh, is it, perhaps, freezing?

I. am. knitting. lace.


I picked this yarn up at last year’s New York Sheep and Wool Festival. I needed something to occupy my mind and hands. I figured, eh? What the hell. If ANYTHING is going to keep my mind busy it’s going to be lace. It sure ain’t reading, or staring, or tv watching, or showering, or sleeping, or… well, you get the drift.

The pattern is the Flower Basket Shawl from Interweave Knits. So far so good. Armed with my trusty dental floss (for use as a lifeline) I have completed two repeats only 8 million more.

Watch out for flying pigs.

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