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Baby’s next book

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I just stumbled on this absolutely fabulous idea. A children’s book by the Beastie Boy’s – A Horse named Paul Revere.Oh! And there are more:

Styx: Come Sail Away with Me

The Flood by Johnny Cash

Carl’s Hobo Slumgullion


Links to kids video’s on YouTube.

My favorite’s – Alice Cooper on Seseme Street (1978 babeee), and Burt does the pidgeon!

I had no idea this stuff was out there. Our kid is going to be so warped!

Amazing Progress on Lace Shawl

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Guess what? Heidi from Step into my Thimble has put together a page listing children’s books with fiber, sheep, or knitting in them. Heidi is the clear winner of the Librarian of the Day award. As another prop to Heidi, you should check out her Etsy shop. Cute stuff – too cute to resist (TCTR).

Ha! Remember when you used to write that stuff in yearbooks? BFF, TLA?! I was out with my Beantown girls a few weeks ago and we had ourselves rolling in laughter with our book signing suggestions for Debbie. “Have a great summer!” “Love ya!” “Thanks for a great year.” And my perenial favorite: writing “I signed your crack” on the crack of the page.

Claudia was curious about the “Baby Mix Me a Drink” book. Leave it to the Grey Goose drinker to seek out the good title. Here’s one of the pages…


(appropriately blurry, considering the content. it doesn’t list a cosmo!)
Enough about that….have I told you that I’m knitting lace? Check out this (lack of) progress. I have knit zero stitches on this since I last posted it:


Ohhh, ahh….thank goodness the Bookish Girl is back to posting she is so full of surprises….

The Baby ate my blog

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Apparently the damn comments have been fixed by damn blogger.

All the love out there must of killed them. Thank you all, I totally know how you feel – because I have felt the same for all the other knitter baby birthers out there. It’s so exciting. And fun. And exciting.


More to follow…

Top Secret Project Revealed

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The time has come to reveal the answer to the question. “Where oh, where has our Bookish Girl Gone?”

Answer: She has been
a – sleeping
b – peeing
c – staring at a wall
d – all of the above.


Baby Daryl (not the name, just something to call it.)
12 weeks 4 days
Due: Feb 22, 2007

You’re not the only one who was surprised by this news. It took me 7 weeks to clue in and even at that point I wasn’t convinced.