The Polling was rigged!!!

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Vicky! Thank you for pointing out the error of my ways. I seem to have labelled the #7 frames toward the end of the set (the Prada ones, you can see it written on the lens) wrong. They were (it has since been fixed) labelled #1. The REAL #1 is the first picture in the set and a few other pictures (now properly labelled) toward the back of the set (Donna Karen written on the lens).

This only worries me because A LOT of the votes (over half) have been for #1 and NOW I DON’T KNOW WHICH YOU MEANT – The REAL #1 or #7.

Please feel free to vote again, this has been a great eye-opener (am I the funniest girl alive, or what?). Your name will be entered in the contest AGAIN. And yes, people probably laughed at us but if you have ever spent any time with us in public you would know that this is by far the least most embarrassing thing we’re capable of. And also, thank you for telling me I’m so cute. You sure know how to make a girl happy. I was trying to figure out which of my ancestors to disown for breeding multiple chins!!! Oh and the Red ones – TOTALLY FORGOT ABOUT SALLY…thank you all for your wisdom during this time of crisis.

My appointment is tomorrow and I’ll probably head back to the store after work. I do know about the eyeball changing super power that I now have as a pregnant woman. I have needed new glasses for over a year now and I’m not too worried about a wrong prescription. If the Dr freaks…I’ll wait. But, otherwise I cannot wait another 6-9 months for the eyeballs to regain their former selves.
Also, my server is kind of a pooper sometimes. If you’re having a hard time leaving me a comment you can always click on the contact button in the upper right corner of your screen. This will send an email speeding off to bookish girl central. Just be sure to leave something in the subject that will clue me in to the nature of your email…

To avoid further confusion:

Here are the top vote getter’s in order of popularity

Frame #1 – I’m worried these frames are too big for my face…

248586501_32e7f3656dFrame #4 – I’m not so lazy eyed in real person…248587138_301bfa8eb8Frame #7 – are these too trendy?248586821_0be1d6a3c6

Frame #9 – I like these but I’m afraid they’re not much of a departure from my current pair…which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, I’m just trying to not be so conservative.248587664_80d3b1b30f

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