The Naming

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Robby gave me a very sweet Christmas Present this year. A charm bracelet with a bootie charm. The bootie has the babe’s initials etched on the bottom.

When we began talking about names we decided that we were going to keep the name to ourselves until after the baby is born. There are a few reasons for this.

First, while we are pretty sure that the name we have chosen will be the name of the baby we want to wait until we actually meet her to be extra special sure the name suits her. (Incidentally, when Rob gave me the bracelet I questioned how we could change the name if we needed to. He said we could just get another charm made with different initials! He’s a smart one, that Rob.)

Second, knowing the sex of the baby takes a tiny bit of the excitement out of announcing the birth. So, keeping the name a secret gives a bit of suspense to the whole thing. This applies mostly to us, we get a kick out of having a secret. Secrets are fun.

All of the guesses that have come our way recently sparked an idea.

We are going to hold a contest on this here blog!

This is how it works:

1 – You can enter by leaving a comment on this post (or any other post) with your idea of what the first and middle name may be.

2 – You can enter as many times as you like until the birth of the baby. This could be anytime between now and the first week of March! YOU MUST LEAVE A COMMENT TO ENTER.

3 – We will NOT tell you or anyone else if you have the right answer.

4 – After the Lil’ Bookish is born we will announce the winner (or winners). There will be a prize for the person that gets the FULL name right (first and middle) and a prize for the Most Creative Entry.

5 – The prizes are TBD…they will likely be yarny in nature.

Ready for your hint? Here are the initials…

361086724_063263e270S.C.R. (the R stands for the last name, please don’t try to guess that…we have to have some level of privacy ;)

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