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postal love, or why I kissed the mailman

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Comments are still down. We are working to fix them, I have enlisted the help of my dad. It’s hard to fix and or do things that require more than a half hour of effort. Sophia is a good baby – sleeps well, eats well, plays well. But she’s a baby and being held during the day is her favorite past time. Waking up to eat is the highlight of her day! Interspersed with these moments I am trying hard to slow down and enjoy this time. This requires me to pare down my to-do list. The thank-you cards will get done, eventually, the blog posts will get written (eventually), bills will get paid (eventually). In the meantime baby gets fed, loved and relished and all is as it should be.

Sophia and I have been incredibly fortunate. My fellow knitters and bloggers have showered us with love in the form of comments, positive energy, and postal love. Postal love? We’re talking packages that warrant a kiss on the cheek of the mailman that delivered them. And this is saying something because our mailman is a weird-o who likes to stuff our mail into our box crumpled up one piece at a time.

Right before Christmas I received a package from Laura A. Laura has been a visitor on this here blog since the very beginning (and a bookish girl contest winner!). She is witty, funny, and an all around super cool human being. She recently started a blog herself. In lieu of commenting here go give the girl some love. She is an incredible knitter. How do I know this you ask? She sent Sophia not one, but two incredibly gorgeous sweaters, and a matching hat. The pure genius at work here is illustrated with the thoughtful inclusion of the yarn labels, extra yarn, and extra buttons. Dude, why have I never thought of that?! I have thanked her formally and now would love for you to see her handy work. The seams are georgie-ous.


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Thank you again Laura! Sophia is just fitting into the green sweater and it’s perfect!  Here is a blurry action shot of her with my BFF Juli (who was here visiting and just left – boohoohoo).  Juli was boucing the girl into happiness so the sweater lump of puddin’ is a bit blurry.  I hope to get a better shot sometime soon.


hmmmm, dooonuts

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I have been “out of the world” now for 12 days. The weather here is keeping me indoors most of the time. It’s just too cold for baby. We have ventured out to the park to let the dogs romp a few times. Sophia gets a ride in the sling (thank you Melanie, for lending it, it has been a god-send) and I get some much needed exercise and fresh air. Today we have sleet/snow so I will likely remain indoors and surf the blogs. Which, by the way, I love all the lurkers come out over here. There are so many blogs out there that I have never come across. Talented, interesting woman. You go girls!

What I have learned about myself so far…

I’m addicted to Dunkin Donuts hot chocolate and glazed stick donuts. I partook in this treat a few times a month during my pregnancy. I had no way of knowing that I had become dependent on them. Robby is on his way home for lunch with donut and hot chocolate in hand. My knight in a broken car.*

* A broken car. Poor Robby got into a bit of a fender bender this week. Good timing huh? So far we think it’s drivable. We haven’t had collision on our policy for years. We drive a ‘92 Saturn with close to 200K miles on it. The blue book cost of it is less than any potential collision repairs we would ever have to make. However, when you’re looking at going from no car payment to a payment in one easy accident…after having a baby and taking time off work (some of which is without pay)…well, life gets stressful. In a weird twist…the guy that hit him? His wife is due with their first on Monday!


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You guys are unbelievable. Thank you for the outpouring of good wishes and support. This past week has been a roller coaster. Our world has changed dramatically and we are negotiating the new territory with a mix of fear, excitement, paranoia, dumb luck and pure joy. My emotions have swung with the hormones and I am getting used to my new role as the primary caregiver. Breast feeding has been a trip and a half. This is what it feels like to breastfeed our little monkey.

I get to meet with a real live lactation consultant. My boobs have become part of the world now so many people have seen them, discussed them, and contemplated them. I’m hoping we’ll kick butt in no time.

My first realization that I was a mom – I had to fill out Sophia’s insurance paperwork at the pediatrician’s office. A question asked my relationship to the patient. Carefully and with deliberate pride I carefully printed

– Mother.


The world, plus one.

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Sophia Christine

6 lbs 2 oz

17.5 in

February 2, 2007

2:37 pm

After 12 hours of labor three weeks ahead of the expected date we welcomed Sophia Christine into our world.

Let me tell you – it is a better place because of it.

More soon…


Sophia’s pictures are here….more will be added daily.

ps – Thank you to Elisa for two amazing posts and for supporting us so well these past few days.

pps – Your voices are so appreciated. Thank you for the good energy, prayers, and thoughts. It’s amazing this world we’re a part of and I am thrilled to have added to it!


An Announcement on Behalf of the Bookish Family

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Hi! Elisa here, writing to you on behalf of the Bookish Family…


Probably I don’t have to tell you WHY I’m writing instead of Our Bookish Girl.


Yep – at this very minute, she is pretty involved with the process of becoming Our Bookish Mama. The report so far is as good as we could hope for. Our Bookish Family arrived safely at Big Excellent Hospital earlier this morning and things seem to be progressing wonderfully. Wendy sounds terrific (it is just like her to call and say “Hi! I am in labor” in the same tone of voice that she would use to tell me she had tuna fish for lunch) and it sounds like Rob is doing just fine, too.


If you’ve been reading Wendy’s blog for any length of time, and if you’ve had the pleasure of meeting Wendy and Rob in real life, then I am sure you are as excited and thrilled about Baby SC’s imminent arrival as I am.


As individuals, and as a couple, Wendy and Rob are truly amazing human beings. They are kind and generous in a way that is increasingly rare. They are wonderful friends. I know that the love that they share, and the family they have created together will only be enriched by the addition of Baby Bookish.


Wendy & Rob: I love you both. I am so excited for this new phase of your life to begin. I have the utmost confidence that you will be wonderful and loving parents.


Baby SC: You have two terrific people for parents. I know they will love you more than anything, and I know they will do their best to be the best parents they can be.


I promise to keep you all up-to-date on Baby SC’s arrival – now, let’s all send some warm wishes Our Bookish Family’s way!





Welcome Baby SC

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Dear SC,

I just found out a little while ago that you arrived safe and sound. I know that you weigh 6 lbs, 1 oz, and that you’re 17 inches long. I hear you have no hair and little monkey toes.

Most of all, I hear you’re perfect.

And I tell you, I’m just not surprised.

I want to tell you that you’ve entered a world that doesn’t always make sense. It’s a world fraught with conflict, and silly misunderstandings, and people who aren’t always as kind and compassionate as they should be. You’ve come into a world that is changing dramatically before our eyes. You are inheriting a world that is, at the best of times, difficult. I have hope that you and your generation will treat the world better than I and my peers have so far.

But SC? You are also entering a world full of love. Your parents? They love you so much already. Your family is a loving and strong family, and I know that you will always be well-loved. Your parents are also very smart, and they will be there for you, to guide you as you make simple and complex decisions, and if I were you, well, I’d trust them. And I believe in my heart that they will always tell you the truth.

I can also tell you that there are a lot of other people in the world who already love you. Your mom and dad have a lot of people who love them, and now, by extension, we love you, too.

But I know that we love you for the baby, the girl, and the woman you will grow to be. I look forward to watching you evolve and change, I look forward to hearing you laugh, watching you smile, and being there for those moments that will seem miraculous to me just because you were there.

Welcome, SC. You are so well-loved.