Welcome Baby SC

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Dear SC,

I just found out a little while ago that you arrived safe and sound. I know that you weigh 6 lbs, 1 oz, and that you’re 17 inches long. I hear you have no hair and little monkey toes.

Most of all, I hear you’re perfect.

And I tell you, I’m just not surprised.

I want to tell you that you’ve entered a world that doesn’t always make sense. It’s a world fraught with conflict, and silly misunderstandings, and people who aren’t always as kind and compassionate as they should be. You’ve come into a world that is changing dramatically before our eyes. You are inheriting a world that is, at the best of times, difficult. I have hope that you and your generation will treat the world better than I and my peers have so far.

But SC? You are also entering a world full of love. Your parents? They love you so much already. Your family is a loving and strong family, and I know that you will always be well-loved. Your parents are also very smart, and they will be there for you, to guide you as you make simple and complex decisions, and if I were you, well, I’d trust them. And I believe in my heart that they will always tell you the truth.

I can also tell you that there are a lot of other people in the world who already love you. Your mom and dad have a lot of people who love them, and now, by extension, we love you, too.

But I know that we love you for the baby, the girl, and the woman you will grow to be. I look forward to watching you evolve and change, I look forward to hearing you laugh, watching you smile, and being there for those moments that will seem miraculous to me just because you were there.

Welcome, SC. You are so well-loved.


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