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Scene: My parent’s house, upstate NY. I am upstairs showering, Mom (or Grandma) is downstairs entertaining Baby.

Grandma: Sophia let’s go watch some quilting TV shows on Home and Garden TV. Quilting is fun. Quilting skips a generation and you’re going to be a quilter. None of that yucky knitting stuff for you.

Sophia: Grunt, gurgle

Wendy: Mom, I can hear you!

G: I know, why do you think I’m talking so loud?

S: Coo, gurgle, grunt.

You see what I’m up against here? That afternoon I took Sophia to her first knitting store (Spirit Works Knitting and Design) where so screamed her little head off.

Score for Sophia’s crafting soul: Grandma 1 point, Mama -1 point

ps – If you have not read the comments to my last post – you should. There is excellent advice, kind words and heartening stories. I did not intend to post and disappear. We took a trip to visit grandma and grandpa in Upstate NY. I am slowly getting back to each of you via email. What a fabulous community…

The weight of responsibility

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Today is the first day since Sophia’s birth and the subsequent hormonal breakdowns that I have felt challenged by this new role as a mother. When I look at all of the circumstances around me I see that today is no different than yesterday. The only difference is my ability to cope with those circumstances.

By all accounts I have it easy. I have a loving partner, a strong support network and the ability to reach out when I need help (although admittedly I am not so good at actually utilizing that ability.) There are many who have it infinitely worse. My baby is pretty easy going. However, she is a baby who’s only form of communication is a cry, scream, or grunt. I don’t care how compassionate you are…after nights and weeks of sleep deprivation the cry, the scream, and the grunt will start to fray your nerves. The home-bound lifestyle with little interaction with the outside world (save the Internet…ah, the love of a blog) will fray your nerves. We are not talking crisis here. Just a bit worn out and giving it a voice. Perhaps this will help it fall away quicker.

You know, I think it is the responsibility of caring for someone else that is more stressful than the actual caring itself. Even when she sleeps I feel the weight of responsibility. I suppose that will not go away for many, many years – if not decades. I suppose I will get used to that feeling and the weight will not be as great. I suppose when the kid can eat and poop without some sort of action on my part my days will feel a bit easier. He He.

Fortunately nursing has been a bit easier this past week (after a few weeks of the use of a nipple shield. Thank God for silicone). I have healed a bit and can now knit while feeding. At least during those times Ms. “I like to get mad at the boob and scream at it between drinks” is cooperating. So, with that I give you yet another picture of the hat. This one is for posterity sake and also because it makes me feel like I accomplished something – started and finished – that is a good feeling!



Mother = Multitasker

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Motherhood has brought my ability to multitask to a whole new level. I just blew dry my hair while pooping. Man, do I have mad skills or what?

The little hat has been completed. I had to add some length as it was a bit small and kept popping off her head. The power of a knitter – fixing a project to suit your needs. You rarely have this kind of control over any part of your life. Ideally I would like to get this kind of thing right from the onset. However, in this case, adding ribbing was easy and just as cute (I would argue even cuter). I just picked up stitches along the edge and knit a 2×2 rib down from there. I increased about 5 stitches because I felt like the hat was a bit tight and I wanted baby to wear it for more than a week. When attempting this kind of modification the only thing you have to be aware of is the number of stitches you pick up, they should be a multiple of four.

Here is a photo of Sophia wearing her new hat while attending her first rock gig. She and her mama are an explosion of badly coordinated clothing. What can I say? It’s a miracle we even make it out of the house let alone make it out color coordinated. (Elisa avert your eyes, this will offend your sensibilities.)


(Mama’s sweater by me, Sophia’s sweater by Benedetta (Thanks Ben!), hat by me, sock in progress in the bag by me.)

I Will Knit Them!

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Baby keeps losing her hats. She wears them out and they get stuck in a pocket, purse, diaper bag only to be found days later after a heated search of the premises. I have a plan to combat this, thereby eliminating the frantic search.

Knit more hats.


Yarn: Artyarns supermerino

Colorway: 154

Needles: US size 6 Denise Interchangeables

Gauge: 21 sts/4 in, 29 rows/in (knit in the round, unblocked)

Pattern: Made up, CO 60 sts. Still have to add some corkscrew thingies at the top.

Sophia wants to know if ladybug booties take away from her menacing super powers as baby super girl? Maybe she could save the world with cuteness?!


(Shirt by Rob, Booties by Stephanie (thanks Steph!))


Oy, my aching Brain

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The Scene:  My living room, I call my college roommate to wish her a happy belated birthday.

Me:  Hi Allie, Happy Belated Birthday, I’m so sorry I didn’t call yesterday.  I completely forgot.

Allie:  You called.

M:  I did?

A:  Yah, you left a message.

M:  When?

A:  Yesterday morning.

M:  Are you sure?
A:  Yes!

M:  No way.  I have zero memory of doing that.

A:  Welcome to motherhood.

tiny bits of joy

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My new job is dangerously close to a drugstore. You know what this means? Cadbury Creme Eggs. Easily accessible Cadbury Creme eggs. I was wondering how many calories these tiny bits of joy have. Google to the rescue.

They have 175 calories, exactly the amount of calories I burned on the treadmill this morning.

Umpf. What to do?

Fun Facts about Cadbury Creme Eggs (via Cadbury themselves)

Did you know?

* If all the Creme Eggs made by us in one year were stacked one on top of each other they would stretch from the Bournville factory in Birmingham all the way to Australia – that’s around 12,000 miles.

* Over 300 million eggs are produced each year – five for every person in the UK

* The Cadbury Creme Egg plant at Bournville can ‘lay’ 66,000 Creme Eggs every hour – more than 1.5 million eggs a day.

* We produce eggs all the year round in order to meet the demand – even though they are only sold between January and Easter.

A Birth and a day

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I am now 31 years old and a mom. What a strange year it has been. I am, by far, the happiest I have ever been. Motherhood suits me well, if I do say so myself.

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Laura has left some information about the sweater pattern and yarn she used in the comments of the previous post. Sophia wore her sweater *again* today. Look how grumpy she is about it!


There have been a few requests for pictures – who am I to deny the masses? (ps – Sophia’s photo album can be viewed here).