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Scene: Yesterday. Sophia’s Pediatricians Office (who we lovingly refer to as Dr. Tool). She’s here for her two-month check up, although she is just over 10 weeks now. The Doctor hasn’t yet entered the office.

Bookish Girl: Robby, look through the drawers and find some Chux Pads.

Robby: Are you asking me to steal these?

BG: The lactation consultant told me to do this. She said that they will come in handy when I am pumping in my office at work. They’ll absorb any spills, you know how clumsy I am. Besides, it is not really stealing…our insurance is paying an arm and a leg for our visit and these supplies are part of our visit. Just grab them!

Robby gives Bookish Girl “the look”. Clearly he doesn’t approve of this rationalization. He reluctantly stuffs three Chux Pads into the diaper bag as he stares at the door out of the corner of his eyes.

Robby: What if Dr. Tool walks in?

BG: He won’t care – we’ll just tell him why we need them.

Meanwhile – I am nursing Sophia. She had a bit of a melt down as soon as we walk in the door. I think she knows she is going to get stabbed with a needle during the visit.

The Dr enters with a third year med student who will take our initial information, he is about 12 years old. I continue to breast feed throughout the exam with both Drs. present and in full view of my boob.

We finish the exam, Sophia is stuck with the needles (as a side note: I don’t think I’ll ever be the same, that scream will live with me forever.), and the Drs. leave. I am trying to calm Sophia who has reached epic levels of panic. I look over at Rob who is stuffing MORE CHUX PADS into our bag.

BG: What are you doing? You were barely able to grab those before!

R: The doctors got to see your boobs. This is a give and take relationship and they have to pay up with SOMETHING. They see your boobs. We get to take home more Chux pads.

Our marriage has reached a new level.

A look at my boobs is equal in value to a stack of Chux pads…super absorbent hospital grade Chux pads.

Watch out girls – the jealousy may kill you.

Weird is good.

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Man, do I ever miss writing. The wee babe has been a bit grumpy these past few weeks. This leaves me with one free hand at best. When two do become available I have to tackle the “important” things in life. Like tax returns, showering, and eating. Blech. Oh, and then the comments went down on the site, again! My host is not such a great host.

On to the news of the day…
I am here for a very important request. I am fortunate the have a group of laydeees here in Boston that I adore absolutely and completely. I rarely speak of our forays because I am a lazy ass blogger. Today I ask you to spring into action and vote for our Dear Stitchy. She has been nominated for a Webby Award in the category “weird” (I can’t even begin to tell you how much joy I find in this fact. Stitch gave Sophia a card that said – “Life is Weird. Get used to it, Kid. In fact, Embrace it. Enjoy it. WALLOW in it. Weird is good.” The fact that she is nominated in the weird category is just perfect.)

Go here to vote. You have to register – it takes only a few minutes. If I can do this under the thumb of a screaming baby then you too can do it! It is your opportunity to Represent.

While you wait for your registration to be emailed to you go ahead and read this post…I love this girl.

To love a yarn store

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Yes, yes I realize that Sophia could do BOTH quilting and knitting. In fact, I bet she’ll be so whip smart she could do both AT THE SAME TIME. However, if I give her crafting soul to my mother, without a fight, what will we argue about? Hmmmm? Answer me that? Ha! Anyone who has been in, has observed, or has been within a spitting distance of a mother-daughter couple knows that there is no lack of topics to argue about.

So, we are back from Upstate NY and it was a lovely trip. I grew up there and still love to visit and spend time with family and friends. Sophia was lucky to be spoiled by great-aunts, uncles, second cousins and family friends. She was unfazed by the crazy that is our family. She will fit right in.

While in NY my mom and I travelled to three local knitting stores. I am surprised to hear that some of you are from and/or have lived in Rochester! I tend to think of it as a place unknown to all but me…that and I often tend to opperate this blog as if I am in a vacuum. Aside from my lovie friends I tend to forget that others are reading and not commenting. The lurkers have been out lately and reminding me that there are people out there – I love it because it introduces me to new blogs and you all are smart, fun, women!

Anyway – the yarn stores. I learned to knit after moving away from my home town. As a result I had no idea if there were yarn stores in the area. A few years ago I began to explore a bit and found two that I try to stop at each time I am at my parent’s house. I recently discovered that there were quite a few more in the area that I was missing! I tried to find reviews or a list of local shops but was not successful. So, for the google-fu-ers who find there way here I will review MY THOUGHTS on those knitting stores that I made it to during my last visit to Rochester. I hope to get to the rest of the stores sometime during future visits.

The first I mentioned yesterday – Spirit Works Knitting and Design located in Irondiquoit. This shop is large (by Boston standards) and well organized. The staff is friendly but not overbearing. I have probably been in this shop a dozen times and have never felt pressured or annoyed with the staff – which makes me think that they encourage browsing. (Which is what I find myself doing in many yarn stores not for lack of want but lack of bank account. Although I often get caught and cannot resist the temptation.) This shop carries many of the major brands both on the high end and low end. I am also pleasently surprised with the change in their stock. They have increased their inventory since they first openned and every visit brings a new surprise. They have also increased their book inventory and have tons of pattern pamplets. Judging from the activity in the shop and the store’s website and blog building community is high on this store’s priority list. There are some great areas within the store for social interaction. My dad and husband particullary like the grouping of couches near the front – complete with a coffee table. The store is just down the street from The Great House of Guitars (HOG) – a Rochester institution. If you’re new to the area or visiting and in to music and/or guitars it is worth a stop in, just check your OCD at the door and be ready to step back in time! Spirit Works is one of the stores that I visit each time I go to Rochester.

From there we travelled to a store that was new to me – Knit ‘n Purl in Brighton’s Twelve Corners area. I am not sure when this store was established but I have a feeling it has been there for awhile. I will have to check with my peeps in town to double check this fact. The samples sprinkled around the store are definitely of the older boxier type. The stock is incredibly well established and there is a large variety for such a small store. There were many yarns here that were not at Spirit Works – something that I love to see in local stores – variety amongst them! There was some Misson Falls and more Noro than I have EVER seen in any other store. The Noro was the biggest surprise. Noro has a ton of different yarns and I was psyched to see such a selection live and in person. This was my first visit to this store and I could see myself going back as it is easy to get to and close to my parent’s house. The store does not have as much space as Spirit Works and isn’t organized quite as well but it does have a system and the sheer volume of yarn would likely guarantee you would go home with something.

Our last stop for the day was The Yarne Source in Henrietta. This store is teeny tiny and packed to the gills it definitely made me a feel a bit overwhelmed. The staff was friendly and jovial. They were thrilled to meet Sophia and ogled over her for a bit. The stock was average, no Rowan which is a downside for a LYS if it is your only source of yarn. But with so many other yarn stores in the area I suppose this is not too big of a deal. The yarn seemed to be organized by color, but even this was not the rule. Color organization is a pet-peeve of mine. Only because you are completely dependent on the store clerk to help you find a specific yarn if you already have it in mind before you enter the store. The weekend I was there the store had a fashion show planned at a local country club. I happened to catch a newscast featuring this up-and-coming event. The fashions showed on what I saw of the broadcast were a bit off my radar. A lot of novelty yarns and funkier knits, not so much my cup of tea. However, if you are in to that kind of style judging from that broadcast this would be the store for you. I would be curious to see the rest of their fashion shows line of samples (there are a few shown on the homepage of the website).

There are other stores in the area…some that I have been to, others that I have yet to visit. I’ll be checking them out during future visits and hopefully will report back here!

Here is a picture of Sophia with her Grandma.


Here she is at 7 weeks.


She’s looking more and more like her dad every day, especially when she makes this face…