Don’t ride with Hitler

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When I was younger than I am now one of my favorite snacks was Ice Tea Mix stuck to a Melty Ice Cube. I would take the cube and dip it into the mix (usually right out of the container) and suck off the mix. Yum. For some reason I have the taste of it in my mouth. It’s been years and years since I have even thought about such a thing.

On to other random thoughts –

I have found some super cool links in the past few days, and months, and years. I thought I might share.

  • Here is a link to a site that outlines the methods and numbers for a variety of sock heels. So. Cool. (via Big Sister by way of Ravelry’s discussion boards.
  • Sock sizing Tips
  • DIY BabyLegs. BabyLegs are just about the cutest things since sliced bread. Leg warmers for your wee one. Now you can make them yourself. By the way – Old Navy has knee-highs. (via Pumpkin Mama)
  • Gnooks. You can put in the name of an author and it will return a word map with authors who are similar
  • This Next. Yet another cool site to catalog your material wishes and get ideas from others. This is incredibly easy to use and is highly functional. I love it. I have not gotten around to making recommendations yet but I have started a wee bit of a wish list.
  • Cook’s Thesaurus. There is an ingredient of the month! Kind of like a playmate of the month for the foodie. Ohhh, braised red cabbage you are so fine, you make my heart race.
  • One Look Reverse Dictionary. You know how you can think of every other word to describe something but you can’t actually think of the name of that something? This is for you. I have not used it enough to figure out if it actually works
  • The National Archives website directory of America’s Historical Documents. Wanna see Elvis’s letter to President Nixon? This is the place. One of my all time favorite posters (below) is part of thePowers of Persuasion Exhibit. So Interesting.


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