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We had a great weekend. It was filled with one very strong realization. Toto, we’re not in Boston anymore.

Saturday afternoon Robby and I wanted to head out of the house. Our desire was to walk a neighborhood street, window shop, possibly stop for a drink or dinner. In Boston we would have headed to Jamaica Plain, or Coolidge Corner, or Newbury Street, or The North End, or, or, or…the possibilities were endless. Here we had to really think about where to go and what to do. In the end we decided to head out to the village of a local town (many suburban town centers outside of Rochester are old, historic and quaint due to the Erie Canal and the economy that surrounded the transportation of goods). This evening was not exactly “happening” at the level that we’re used to. We had covered all ground within an hour. But we did have a lovely dinner at a crepe restaurant. Hmmm Crepes. And headed off to ice cream at Abbott’s afterward. I love me some Abbott’s. It’s terribly fabulous frozen custard. There really is nothing like it.

On Sunday we took Sophia on her first trip to Wegman’s. Anyone familiar with and/or from Upstate NY is feeling the pain of envy right now. Wegman’s is a grocery store on crack. It is a fabulous place filled with great food, incredible produce and a helpful staff. Nothing like the grocery stores in Boston or anywhere else I have lived. Tour buses actually make a stop at this place…that’s how cool it is.

636049006_f4ea9c0d6dA cell phone picture to commemorate the event.

A Different Kind of Flip

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I am in one of those rare moments where I don’t have the words. The day did not go as planned or as hoped. We are in Massachusetts still, our belongings are spread between three vehicles, one dumpster, and some garbage cans. Our house is no longer ours and tonight we will sleep in the home of some amazing friends. Two of the many who have come through for us in a myriad of ways these past few weeks. For this we are deeply indebted to you all. Tomorrow is a new day that I promise to look at with fresher eyes. We will travel tomorrow as we were supposed to today.

A snapshot of the end of my time in our house which, when you consider that this was somewhat of a high point, speaks VOLUMES about how well our day went:

The house is empty, the dogs are outside, Sophia is screaming on the front porch with my mom – she is hungry. My dad and Rob have taken the (29 ft!) moving truck (packed to the gills) down the street to load our car (also packed to the gills) onto a trailer. I am in our almost empty condo – except it’s not really our condo because they have filed the deed seconds before – scooping cat shit from a liter box into a garbage bag. This is the last item – the liter box. My last act in our home was scooping cat shit with the new owners (by 60 seconds, and basically, by snowblowing us) peering over my shoulder refusing to leave the house until me and my real estate agent are gone. I said good-bye to my house, my first house with cat shit on my hands, with someone glaring at me, my husband down the street, my baby screaming on the porch and exhaustion screaming though my body.

Not picture perfect. Tomorrow I will (hopefully) find some humor in the situation. Tonight I will be sad for the ceremony that I needed and didn’t get.

ETA – It occurs to me…maybe I can find humor in your situation.  Share your best moving story…misery (and humor) love company.

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I am lying on an air mattress in our bedroom.  Sophia is hiccuping next to me, trying to drift off to sleep, Robby is asleep and both dogs are at my feet.  The room is empty but for a half disassembled bassinet, a swing and our random cloths.  Everything else is contained in a 28 ft (!) truck sitting outside our home.  Our Home.  Our belongings inside or out – this is still Our Home.

We close on the sale tomorrow.  Today will be spend gathering the little stuff up, cleaning, and relishing our last day here.

It will also be spend honoring the Dads in my life.  One of which is a first timer and has excelled and reached a new level of championship knowledge.  The other has been a champion for years and years and now takes on the role as Grandfather.

Very lucky I am.

See you all on the flip.  You all will likely only notice the background change in my photos and a shift in content ever so slight.  I however, will be different and changed and transformed.  Onward!

Who, What, Where, When, Why

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Just like me to post and run huh?

We’ve been busy with Aunt/Godmomma Juli and Uncle Chad…


Sophia says: “Moooommm, Chad is going to kill you for posting a picture of him without his shirt on.”

So yes, we’re moving.  We made the decision to put our house on the market at the end of April.  We expected a long time on the market, as we had that experience last year when we tried to sell (and never did).  However, this time around the fates had their hand.  We listed and sold within two weeks leaving us with some big decisions.  In the end family won out and we are headed to Rochester, NY.  I grew up in the suburbs of Rochester but have not lived there for about hmmm, 14 years (wow! time flies).  And have not lived there as a real adult (18 graduated from highschool does not count as a real adult).  So, this is going to be an interesting experience.  Going back, facing my youth, measuring myself against expectations set then.  Fortunatley I am extraoridinarily lucky and happy with my place in life.  However, there are ghosts in them there hills…albeit friendly ones.


“Ghosts, did someone say ghosts?”

(Baby sized Headlamp courtesy of Vicki who knows how much I love a good headlamp.)

When do we move?  The movers come June 16th, the closing is the 18th.  Yeah, this was the other kicker – a relatively short closing period.  The buyers are relocating and starting a new job so they were inflexible on those date.  Can’t say I blame them but kind of puts us in a weird place.  Not one box has been packed and none will before my parents get here next Monday.  I just don’t have the time or energy.  Work is kicking my butt and Sophia isn’t sleeping great.  My mom (who left a very sweet comment on my last post *hi mom*) and dad have been great – booking all of the necessary trucks, movers, storage, etc.  We couldn’t have done this without them.

Where will we live?  With my parents.  Let that sink in.

US = two adults, one baby, two dogs, two cats.

Them = two adults, two dogs, one house.

They are crazy to allow us to do this and we are crazy for taking advantage of it.  It will be one crazy fun mess and Sophia (the only one that really matters) is going to have a great time!  And, honestly, so am I – I am desperate for some more hands around the house.  This is a temporary measure to give us time to find jobs, find a house, and get back on our feet financially.  I’m sure I’ll have some good stories….(*hi mom* *hi dad* love you. thanks).

Thanks to all of the ROCS that came out in the comments…. I need friends, apply within.  No, I’m kidding.  It is a freakin small ass world.  Kate Gilbert left a comment that she was originally from the ROC.  Further conversation ensued and she graduated the same year I did from a neighboring high school.  Her roommate in college was a classmate of mine.  So weird.  So, I think I found a new friend for Sophia and a friend for me…although Kate and her little one only visit and actually live across the border.  Kate, I swear I’m only a little crazy….and Sophia, she’s nice as can be!


Sophia says, “This woman is crazy, save me.”

The great thing about blogging is that I can keep all of my girls here at my fingertips.  I was lamenting to them the other day that I actually am going to have the POST my exploits because I can’t just tell them about it all in person.  Bah-humbug.


Meanwhile, back at the ranch…Sophia turned 4 months old!  I’m not sure what her weight is right now – her Drs appointment isn’t for another week and a half.  She’s likely close around 11 lbs.  She is awesome – starting to laugh, has rolled over a few times (front to back), and is a little cutie patootie We lub her.


Happy 4 month birthday my sweet love…time to start sleeping at night…lub you…