A Different Kind of Flip

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I am in one of those rare moments where I don’t have the words. The day did not go as planned or as hoped. We are in Massachusetts still, our belongings are spread between three vehicles, one dumpster, and some garbage cans. Our house is no longer ours and tonight we will sleep in the home of some amazing friends. Two of the many who have come through for us in a myriad of ways these past few weeks. For this we are deeply indebted to you all. Tomorrow is a new day that I promise to look at with fresher eyes. We will travel tomorrow as we were supposed to today.

A snapshot of the end of my time in our house which, when you consider that this was somewhat of a high point, speaks VOLUMES about how well our day went:

The house is empty, the dogs are outside, Sophia is screaming on the front porch with my mom – she is hungry. My dad and Rob have taken the (29 ft!) moving truck (packed to the gills) down the street to load our car (also packed to the gills) onto a trailer. I am in our almost empty condo – except it’s not really our condo because they have filed the deed seconds before – scooping cat shit from a liter box into a garbage bag. This is the last item – the liter box. My last act in our home was scooping cat shit with the new owners (by 60 seconds, and basically, by snowblowing us) peering over my shoulder refusing to leave the house until me and my real estate agent are gone. I said good-bye to my house, my first house with cat shit on my hands, with someone glaring at me, my husband down the street, my baby screaming on the porch and exhaustion screaming though my body.

Not picture perfect. Tomorrow I will (hopefully) find some humor in the situation. Tonight I will be sad for the ceremony that I needed and didn’t get.

ETA – It occurs to me…maybe I can find humor in your situation.  Share your best moving story…misery (and humor) love company.

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