Daily Archives: June 26, 2007


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We had a great weekend. It was filled with one very strong realization. Toto, we’re not in Boston anymore.

Saturday afternoon Robby and I wanted to head out of the house. Our desire was to walk a neighborhood street, window shop, possibly stop for a drink or dinner. In Boston we would have headed to Jamaica Plain, or Coolidge Corner, or Newbury Street, or The North End, or, or, or…the possibilities were endless. Here we had to really think about where to go and what to do. In the end we decided to head out to the village of a local town (many suburban town centers outside of Rochester are old, historic and quaint due to the Erie Canal and the economy that surrounded the transportation of goods). This evening was not exactly “happening” at the level that we’re used to. We had covered all ground within an hour. But we did have a lovely dinner at a crepe restaurant. Hmmm Crepes. And headed off to ice cream at Abbott’s afterward. I love me some Abbott’s. It’s terribly fabulous frozen custard. There really is nothing like it.

On Sunday we took Sophia on her first trip to Wegman’s. Anyone familiar with and/or from Upstate NY is feeling the pain of envy right now. Wegman’s is a grocery store on crack. It is a fabulous place filled with great food, incredible produce and a helpful staff. Nothing like the grocery stores in Boston or anywhere else I have lived. Tour buses actually make a stop at this place…that’s how cool it is.

636049006_f4ea9c0d6dA cell phone picture to commemorate the event.