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Heal a heel?

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So I have been trying to knit. It’s getting increasingly harder as S gets more and more aware of her surroundings. I used to be able to get some knitting time in while she nursed. Not so much anymore as she likes to “help”.


Big help huh?

I started this sock when I returned to work in early May. This is the first of the pair. See where I am? I hadn’t yet even turned the heel in that picture, at least I had not yet turned the heel for the 5th time! You can see my working yarn is all bendy from all of the ripping I had to do.

I have an issue with turning heels. It’s not a difficult thing. It’s not complicated, I’ve done it many times. But every time I get to the heel of my current sock I need to settle in for the long sit. I know if I do not sit and do the ENTIRE heel in one sitting that I will have to go back and rip and do it again. This holds true for short row and heel flap, the only two heels I know at this point in time. (I am on a mission to try a new one for every pair of sock I knit. ) You would think, armed with this knowledge, that I would just leave the sock until I had a few minutes to do it all – nah, I try and try to get it done in multiple sittings and it never works.

In fact, I did not find time to actually finish this heel until the second week in July, a full two-months after the sock was started. Kate Gilbert was in town visiting her family and I had the distinct pleasure of joining her for coffee, half-moon cookies (she called them something different, what did you call them Kate?), and knitting at a local coffee joint. We both sneaked away from our babes (for me this was the first time I had been away from S in 3 weeks! A much needed break) and had a lovely awesome afternoon.

Kate renewed my faith in knitters. This was our first time meeting after learning that we were both originally from Rochester, that we graduated from neighboring high schools the same year (’94), and that her college roommate was a high school classmate of mine. Small. World. Anyway, Kate was just one of those people that I felt comfortable and at home with and I look forward to her next visit.


I am about 2 inches into the second of the pair. We have been spending Sunday’s in the car house hunting. This gives me some MUCH needed knitting time! At this rate I’ll have a new pair of socks just in time for fall.

Socks for Me

Pattern: Made Up

Yarn: Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock Multi (a gift from Elisa)

Colors: 92 River, Dyelot 1489

Needles: Addi Turbo US1 32″

Gauge: 8.5 sts / in, 12 rows / in (pre-block)

Size: Top to Start of Heel = ~6.25″; Heel to Start of Toe = ~5.75″; Total Length = 7/5 Circumference = 6.5″

Pattern Notes: CO 56 Stitches, Magic Loop. Top Down. Roll Top. Short-Row Heel and toe a la Priscilla Gibson-Roberts’s (Fall 2000 Interweave Knits, page 76). (Description on how to do this can be found in the Better Than Baby Booties by Ann Budd (free .pdf via Interweave Knits).)

The following tutorials were a huge help with the short row stuff. Somehow both of these together helped my brain in a serious way:


What she said

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Wow. I never intended to take a month break!  I suppose life has been a bit hectic and generally getting in the way of all things blog worthy.  A numbered list to explain what I’ve been up to:

Reason Number 1 reason why I haven’t blogged:   Bloggy existential crisis.

We all have them.  Why do I write?  Do I still want to write?  Ya-da-Ya-da.  Mine was spurred by some comments left on an old post of mine (I will not link in an effort to let sleeping dogs lie).  I do not really want to go in to it, I only mention it to highlight how much it took me by surprise.  I have had very little negative feedback here and have always waved the flags of honesty and candor.  I always appreciate the same in my commenters.   It, frankly, kicked my ass to think that people would target me in a personal way for an opinion that I posted.   This has all been summarized by others better than me so I’ll just refer you to my girls Cara and Stephanie, and add, “Yah, what she said you big meanies.”

After this they’re in no particular order:

Reason Number 2 why I haven’t been blogging – I have moved to a new city.

720098072_7b3150dd68 (1)

My sister, Sophia, and I exploring a part of our fair city

If this isn’t a big duh, than I don’t know what is.  I am working here full time (telecommuting for the old job, major suckers) and still trying to get out and see stuff! and do things! and not be stuck in the freaking house all the time!  I tried a new knit group and may have found a new book club.  We’ll see how it all pans out.  Meeting people sucks and I am a big woosey about it all.  I miss my Boston Girls who are having a baby (Kellee), getting cool jobs (Jackie), moving across country (Elisa), buying houses (Melanie), sewing cute things for my kid (Debbie “given new meaning to the name Stitchy” McYarnpants), taking kick ass vacation (Maryse).  I miss our Boston Friends and babies and I miss our house and I miss the city.  All of this makes me sad and who wants to read a downer blog post?
Blogging time decrease – about 75%

Reason Number 3 why I haven’t touched ye old blog:


I know it’s the same old sad story, that you are all likely tired of.  Mine is a bit different in that I haven’t actually entered any stash (well hardly any) or any projects (just a few).   I was one of the first beta-testers and have signed up to be a Sooper Editor.  What little time I have to spend on Ravelry I like to spend cleaning up the pattern database.  Call me an obsessive organizing freak.  It’s what I am and I like it.

Reason Number 4 why I can’t write:

H. P.

Sigh, I just finished last night.


So. Good.

Reason Number 5 why the blog has gathered dust:

I am in love.

880874074_d1322b043e 880875776_cee80c16aa880869838_232c869925 720098072_7b3150dd68

She’ll be 6 months next week.

Enough said.
In Summary

All of these reason are still going to be here.  But, I think I need to make some time for this.  I read and read all of you everyday (No time to comment!) and I write in my head.  It is my goal to sit and write more frequently.



More Important Matters

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We are successfully ensconced at my parent’s house.  Almost all of our belongings have been quarantined in a storage unit until we find permanent jobs and a new house.  We expect this to take many months.  Our goals now include getting ourselves back on our feet financially and showering Sophia with love.  Fortunately the later is more fun than the former.

So, as it turns out this side of the whole Moving Episode hasn’t brought the lightness of heart I expected.  With that I have decided to let it all go – whoosh, it’s out of my body and mind.  We had many many things go wrong however, many things went right.  I will choose to focus on those instead.  But if you get my going someday I may just recount every painful moment.  ;)  And thank you all for your stories.  One thing is certain – moving sucks ass.

For now we move on to more Important Things.  Claudia’s Ride for MS.

Claudia is one my favorite people.  I feel incredibly lucky to know her and have enjoyed her company on many occasions. Her wit is sharp and her heart is big.  As some of you may know she is taking part in a MS Ride with the National MS Society.  She has reached her fundraising goal (30K!) and the chance to win one of the fabulous prizes has past (The ride is tomorrow!).  However, the chance to donate has not.  I regret that I did not call attention to this effort earlier.  I figure most of you have found your way by there anyway.  However, I could not pass up the opportunity to highlight Claudia’s extraordinary commitment and the incredible kindness of the knitting community.  Go Us!  Now, if you haven’t already, go donate!  Early tomorrow morning and on Sunday too send Claudia some good riding mojo.

You go girl!