Ode to the car.

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So glad to know that I am not the only heel about heels.


I bet you didn’t realize you would be reading the website of the funniest girl alive, now did you?


*There’s that damn t-shirt agin.*

A long, long time ago there was a meme that traveled the intranets that urged participants to show their cars. My favorite was Carole’s (I can’t find the original post) as, to me, her car is very much like her personality – fun, free loving, and super cute. I never got around to showing my, or rather, our car. We are a one car family which was great in the city and is working out okay in the suburbs. I actually dread owning another car…they are damn expensive. But, I digress.

There are different “camps” when it comes to cars. My husband and I subscribe to the “we will drive you until you die” camp. My father bought my current car new in 1992, I obtained her in 1998, Rob adopted her via “the big move in” in 2003, we expect Sophia to assume possession in 2023. Hell, my first car was a diesel station wagon – Sophia will be way better off with a 31 year old car!

This car has seen me through seven moves in five states, too many road trips to count, one break in (we lost her stereo, although the perp was kind enough to unscrew the dash rather than tear it off, wish they had jimmied the lock and not broken the damn window…but beggars can’t be choosers I suppose), and 2 minor accidents. We dropped collision on her years ago so her blemishes have largely gone unpatched. Until now.

I believe I may have mentioned this here – but poor Robby got in an accident his first day back after Sophia’s birth. The accident was *technically* his fault as he failed to see a car before he took a legal U-Turn. Thankfully there were no injuries and both cars were relatively unscathed. Ours had a smashed in door – fiberglass body means that it essentially cracked.

Well, Robby and my Dad hit the junkyard and found her a new door – in a different color.


Isn’t she a cutie?! It’s so white trash, so pedestrian, so freaking cool.

You can barely tell in the photo – but the gas cap is a totally different color as well. That fell off at the mercy of Rob’s hand who, in a fit of frigged winter terror, forced it open in below freezing temps. And open it did – permanently.

Not only did Robby do this but he also bought her some $5 mats


And a super wopish accoutrement. (Those two words together are making me giggle. I bet they never expected to meet each other)


All of this in time for the biggest, bestest, coolest thing in the world.

The rolling of the numbers.


…almost there



We love you little car. And we love that you cause us to get all kinds of looks as we travel the streets looking for a new home. Man, any house would be lucky to have you as a neighbor!


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