Bag, Baggie, Baggiest

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I woke up yesterday with every intention of writing every day for a long time. The length of time “long” encompases is debatable and undefined. However, I was feeling the urge to write, ruminate, come up with back jokes and worse word combinations. Upon logging in, I discovered that my photos plugin isn’t working. Flickr and WordPress aren’t playing nice. To fix I likely have to get onto my server and play with the files a bit. However, my laptop is dead. Dead. Dead. Dead. 18 months old and Dead. My ftp information lives on my laptop. Which is dead.

So. No pictures. This was enough to silence me for one day. But not two.

Are you looking for bags for your knitting projects? Cheap fun little affairs to keep you organized or at least give you the appearance of?

Drawstring Bags with Bright Trim

I have every intention of buying these someday and you should too. Cheap-o and fun. There are others listed on this site…some cuter some cheaper. For good measure you should through a couple dozen boxes of Biker Rubber Duckies in to your order. Nothing can bring more joy to your face!

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