So.  The house we went to go smell, I mean see – Well it stank.  Stank stuck in your nose for a week kind of smelly.  I walked around shooting boogers all over the place hoping the expell the stank from my nose.  It was too bad, it was a cute little house.  We wouldn’t have bought it even if it had smelled like roses.  But it was a cute house and it got the short end of the stick.  Or the wrong end of the dog.  Which ever.

After the stank wore off we decided to wait on buying a house.  No house for us until we have permanent jobs and a steady income.  No siree…. we are ready to do things in the right order, the proper procedures, by the book.

And then I found it.  The perfect house.  We all trapsed through it.  Beautiful woodwork, incredibly welcoming, horrible location.  We crunched numbers.  Looked at how much commuting from the location would add to our monthly cost.  Looked at how much commuting from the location would impact our daily lives.  Realized that this was the house for us but not the location for us.  ‘Sides that we weren’t even supposed to be looking.  We were going by the book, remember?  Jobs first, house second.

To be sure this wasn’t the house for us we decided to look at homes in the neighborhood where we had always wanted to live – but didn’t think we could afford.  A neighborhood in a great location, exactly where we imagined ourselves when we dreamt from the bed of our Boston home.  A place that melds the walkability of an urban area with the safety and openness of a suburban area.  We were just going to look.  Just to see if we should continue to write off this area because we couldn’t afford it.

And the we REALLY found it.  The perfect house.  In the perfect location.  At an almost perfect price.

Screw doing things the right way.  House first, jobs second.

You’re going to love it.

(ps – blog is still broken, can’t post pics..will soon.)