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The Story of a House

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Our house was built in the late 40s. The previous owner, now in her late 80s, had lived there for ~45 years. A bit of math tells us that she and her husband moved in around 1963. We think we are only the third owner.

I believe houses have strong personalities, independent of those that own them. I believe they shape how we live and while we do exercise a considerable amount of influence in the direction and nature of our daily lives we are undeniably influenced by the soul and physical structure of our house.

I am planning on spending some blog time reflecting on our home – the corners, pieces, and character. It was important to us to find an older home with a bit of history and soul. This house fit the bill in many ways. The icing on the cake was the day we took possession and discovered that the previous owner had left us a few goodies. Jewels of a former time, if you will.

Like this.


Counter Magic. Note the old-school Wegmans price tag. I don’t even remember these tags. The cost? $2.39.



We are scared of the toxic plume that is Counter Magic. But man, did they know how to market a product back then, or what?

(Ben – notice the bib you made in the background?! We love it and use it!)

We interupt this program…

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We bought a house, closed right before Thanksgiving.

I finished my term at the Boston job (I was telecommuting).

We stayed with my parents for another 6 weeks while we “freshened up” the house.

Def. Freshen Up. verb. Paint interior top to bottom. Paint some ceilings 3 times because you change your mind on colors. Trim, oh the trim. Rip up carpet. Decide at last minute to refinish floors. Build a bedroom for baby out of an attic storage space. Fix electric. Clean. Clean. Clean.

After being unemployed for two weeks find a job that fits my exact needs.

Do a little Dance because owning a house without two incomes was scary.

Start Job.

Celebrate Christmas.

Celebrate New Years by hitting the bed at 10pm. This is late for me. Working full time during the week and full time on the house on the weekends is hard on the body.

Try to spend as much time as possible with the absolute Cutest Baby in the world.

Move in to house!

Replace hot water heater.

Sister moves in.

Get internet access.

Get ready to celebrate Sophia’s 1st Birthday!

All of this while Rob worked full time and I worked full time.

It feels good to be slowing down a bit and feels really good to write again.

See you soon! *promise*

(thanks for hanging in there and for checking up on me)