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Lost but not forgotten

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I lost one of my all-time favorite mittens. I am in serious mourning.

They were handmade, though not by me, purchased at the NH Wet Wool Festival of 2006, remember that one?! The freaking rain? The puddles? The lack of warm weather gear? Well all of this prompted me to seek out mittens to purchase. Not the yarn to knit them – just the mittens. There was no time to knit.

The mittens I found were expensive. More than I would have spent on mittens for myself under normal circumstances. They were not over-priced, just expensive. I bought them out of sheer necessity and was surprised to find how much I loved them. I have no memory of the vendor. I do remember that Norma purchased some too. Do you remember the vendor Norma? (ETA: I found Norma’s old post about the mittens she bought – she even has a picture!)

They are the warmest mittens I have ever owned. They are cute and unique and made me feel good when worn. The miraculously matched my hand knit scarf and jacket. Neither of which was considered when the purchase was made.

Now one is gone.

I keep wearing the lone mitten. One hand freezes. It sucks. I love it too much to leave it behind.
One good thing has come of this lose. It made me remember to clue you guys into this project I heard about a bit ago…

One Cold Hand?

A lost and found repository for found mittens and gloves. Genius.


Mine isn’t there.