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Strawberry Picking

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Sophia swears up and down that she did not eat any strawberries.  Just picked ‘em.


Photographic evidence says otherwise.


Dribble much?


They were sooo juicy.


She would suck all the juice out and throw the leftovers back in to the basket.


Hands stained red – a sure sign of a good time.


Even with her help we managed to pick 16 lbs of strawberries.  What the heck were we thinking?  We are headed out of town on Tuesday.  So I do not really have time to do much with them. Anyone wanna come eat some strawberries?



Best Saturday Night Ever.

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I just got out of the shower.  11:49pm.  I’m about to miss the daily post.   Why am I so late tonight?

Baby did not sleep last night.  Screaming, crying, throwing her body across the room.  The morning came with me in her crib with her.  Ever done that?  Desperation I tell you, I had tried everything else.  Including carrying her (she did not want to be in the stroller) around our block about 3 times.

In anycase – I was beat today and we had a full plate of household crap to accomplish.  We did and it wasn’t such a bad day.  The evening ended with fresh local strawberries and homemade vanilla ice cream.  Yum.

We got baby to sleep and I snuck into my car to renedevous with…

…. a bottle return machine.

$44.45 in bottles dropped off at a local grocery store.

That, my friends, is what I call an ass-load of bottles.

Don’t fret.  You too can have a Saturday night just like me.  It is a reachable goal.  Truly – you. can. do. it.


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No trip re-cap today.  Just a…


Rob was laid off this morning.  We knew it was coming – but did not know when.  It is, ultimately, a blessing in disguise (as these things often are).  But for now we are just a bit sad that the plans you make do not always go the way you need and or want them to.  We are bracing ourselves for our financial near future and keeping our toes crossed.

A talented and smart fellow he is and someday he will find his life’s work and be content.

This I know.

Mission accomplished.

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Daily blogging is a great way to make sure I actually keep track of what I do – the trips I take, the impressions life makes.

Therefore – I give you (for better or worse) the down-and-out of my trip to NYC.

I went to visit my friend Marne.  I have known Marne for, umm, 13 years (?!?).  We first met our sophomore year in college, ended up living together with 7 other girls, and generally have been each other’s biggest fans ever since.

I also went to Get. Away.  As mentioned previously – this was my first trip away by myself in 17 months.  For those of you who know me well this will be significant fact.  I love to travel.  I love to do new things.  While I have done quite a bit with Sophia on my side – there is only so much you can do with a infant/baby/toddler.  There are no drunken evenings, days wandering around and around without a Plan or a Destination.  There is no careless flouncing through large noisy cities.  Lingering meals at fancy restaurants, etc. etc. etc.

My last goal was to be in a city again.  Breath the air, love the intensity, and generally get lost in society for a few days.  New York City is most definitely one of the premier locations to accomplish these goals.   I have not talked much about my transition from City Life to Not-City Life.  In a few words – I miss Boston like you miss the boy/girl who first stole your heart.  So returning to an urban world was pretty sweet .

All goals (with the exception of a drunken evening) were accomplished.  Mission accomplished.  All desires satiated and time away was deemed a success.

Tomorrow – the run-down of activities.

our future is in the bag

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just wanting to share one of the first pictures i ever took of the bookish girl. and consequently, one of my all-time faves.

from my little shotgun shack in athens, ga.

the bookish girl and futureman both showed up in my life at the same time.  how lucky can one man get?