A little Thunking for a Monday

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Sorry for the radio silence on Saturday.  I have been playing with the timestamp in wordpress.  We were out off the grid this past weekend at a family wedding.  I had schemed up some posts to hit the blog on Saturday and Sunday.  While writing I referred to my handy office wall calender – which has Jackie’s picture on May 31st and no date.  My brain dead self said, “hmmm, I guess there are only 30 days in May”.  And I screwed up the timestamp.

In any case…

Two NYTimes editorials for your Monday Morning Coffee…

Maureen Dowd, love her or hate her…she certainly has a way of putting it all together.

“Cult of Deception”

Friday I heard Brian Greene on NPR’s Science Friday.  I was pleased to see this op-ed in yesterday’s paper.  I love science and I hate that our kids are not exposed to it in a way that makes them love it too.  I love what he has to say about the role of science in our lives.

“Put a Little Science in Your Life” 


{day 11 – i’m thunking that this is a pretty amazing world that we live in and i am proud to be a part of a culture of people who pushes themselves to think critically about the world around them.}

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