Daily Archives: June 17, 2008

In Which I forget how to Knit

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It’s true.  I picked up this yarn on my birthday (way back in March) to make some yummy socks for me.  The birthday was a great day.  I was in Colorado visiting BFF Juli and I was able to get me some Pink and Baby Pink just a few days before.  I had already been to a bookstore and was able to drag little Miss Sophia to a yarn store.

I figured if I could get to a bookstore AND a yarnstore on my birthday than I would be one happy girl.  Not only did I get to both but I also received a book from the store as a gift and I purchased yarn from the store – even better. (For the curious – The book was Gilead: A Novel by Marilynne Robinson, and I enjoyed it!)

I started reading right away and started knitting on the socks.  (I actually spent the money to buy new needles JUST so I could cast on during this trip.)

At that point in my knitting career I had taken months to get through just one itty bitty PORTION of a project.  So it took awhile to get to turning the heel on these suckers.

And when I did I realized that – I. HAD. FORGOTTEN. HOW. TO. KNIT.  Specifically, I had forgotten how to ssk.  In fact, the abbreviation was so foreign to my head that I could not even begin to remember what it stood for.

It was the strangest thing ever.  I couldn’t get over it.  No memory.  Gone.  Lost to the ether.

In the end I ran upstairs, grabbed a reference book, and looked it up.


I ssk’d on and here is the finished product.


Not bad for a brain left behind, huh?