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Last night I paid a few bills updated our financial software, brainstormed how to save money (my sister suggested selling our books – I almost had a heart attack), and sat to stare at the walls.  I realized something – I am bored.  Bored.  I can tell you the exact date of the last time I was Bored.

July 1st, 2006, the day before I realize I was pregnant with Sophia.


It was 8pm.  Sophia was asleep and had been for an hour.  Her new daycare schedule has shifted her schedule dramatically.  She is a puddle of goo by 6:30pm and it is all we can do to get her to bed by 7 without a melt down.

The dishes and laundry are somewhat caught up.  Not perfect.  But I broke-up with perfection long ago.  Come to think of it, around July 1st, 2006.

The bills were paid.

I am a bit read out – I finished 4 novels in the past week.  My reading brain needs a break.

I am pissed at my current knitting work in progress – Sophia spilled milk on it and the skein of yarn is crunchy.  Ever knit with cruncy yarn?  Not fun.

No yard work could be done – it was pouring rain.

No TV – we got rid of cable and haven’t gotten around to finding an antenae.

This boredom is brought to me by Sophia’s new schedule and Rob’s unemployment.  Both of which are really not great things in our world right now.  I miss Sophia – I hardly get to see her during the week now and she is a grumbly mess by the time I do.  The kids wear her out.  After a three week adjustment period I can say that she loves her days – and for that I am thankful.  Rob’s unemployment – well, I think the angst associated with this needs no explanation.

This boredom also means that our summer of guests in the house is almost over.  We have one more group coming through this weekend and then we’re done.  Sad.

What a strange world to be in again.  Bored.

I suppose I should have cleaned the house huh?

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