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Dear Tim Hortons,

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Dear Tim Hortons,

I like you, I really do.  You are on the right side of the street as I travel to work.  Your cinnamon buns are fan-freaking-tasktic.  You are inexpensive and most of the time your coffee isn’t half bad.  Your staff is typically friendly and a bit goofy.

However, for the love of all things holy PLEASE use a different top for your to-go coffees.  PLEASE.  The flat lid plastic is horrible, very bad, and just wrong.  It cuts my lip, it is unpleasing to my senses, me hates it.  PLEASE invest in dome coffee lids, pretty please, with coffee on top?!


Bookish Wendy

What I did on my Fall Vacation

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Well, I suppose you may be bored with these summaries but I have found them to be pretty fun and a great way to celebrate a wonderful summer and fall.

We move on to September.

September 4th – The Bookish Girl celebrates its 4-year anniversary.  Did you not see the fireworks?!

September 5th – Rob’s Dad and his wife arrive.  This is the first time they have ever been to visit us.  I am very nervous and we start the weekend with Sophia projectile vomitting in the car on the way home from my aunt’s.  Oh, what a start!  Luckily it didn’t continue down that road.   Here we are taking a tour of our small little town.


September 7th – Pop and Meemaw leave and we are sad they couldn’t stay longer.

September 11th – My friend Jess arrives for the night we eat dinner out and reflect on the 9/11 Anniversary.

September 16th – Our satellite is installed.  Why is this significant?  Sunday Ticket of course.  We love us some ball-ball (this is what Sophia calls football).  Go Browns!

2924903567_2a247756a7_m 2924903915_a4664b2b17_m 2924904207_415dbeb988_m

September 20th – Rob and I attend the Finger Lakes Fiber Festival. Kellee

and her family were supposed to come back to town again this year – but the sickness decended them and left them in BOS.  Rob was a great sport and traveled with me (sans Baby) to the festival.  This is a fabulous festival.  Honest to goodness greatness.  If you are ANYWHERE near the area and so inclined you should make an effort to visit. (That means you NYC girls, NJ girls, and Toronto girls – get thee butt to my house next fall).

The next few weeks are quite we live a bit, laugh a bit, eat quite a bit and enjoy the fall.  We put a patio on our house (or rather Rob did – I was a great cheerleader) and Sophia learned how to make Apple Crisp.  Yum.  This girl loves to cook and she will totally be my food slave when she is older.  Oh, yes she will.


October 17th – Rhinebeck Arrives and I travel by myself to the Hudson Valley to spend time with some of those that I love best.  This is a bitter sweet weekend for me.  Sweet because I get to talk to real live people who know me, who are interested in my mundane waxings about the nature of hotel room floors, and who know how to laugh like few others.  Bitter because they all are spread around the country now.  What started as a sweet little BOS-NYC-Toronto contingent has spread across many more states and cities.  Bah!  This years festival was awesome.  My favorite yet.  I didn’t buy much of anything but had a super great time and truly enjoyed my time there.  I managed not to take a single picture and haven’t seen too many of myself floating around the blog-o-sphere.  It is likely better that way… my vampire side comes out on film.

October 26th – PUMPKIN PATCH!!

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October 31st – We close a VERY quite month with Halloween.  Sophia was the cutest monkey ever…

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That just about brings us to present day – minus a few minor details.  More on those soon…


Box full of hearts

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Thank you for all your comments and emails.  I have decided to give Kristine and Arthur a print out of the post and the comments when I see them next week.  I am going to be in Boston for about 12 hours and thankfully will be able to see them for a few of those.

I have been planning a care package to send to them or to give when I see them in person.  So far I plan to include some yummy homemade granola, some laminated pictures of N and Sophia for N to have, a crown for Neala (from this book), and something knitted.  I had some trouble with this last one.  My plan was to knit something for the baby after it arrived.  I was thinking one of these cute Baby Surprise Kits from Blue Moon would work.  I still may do that as a therapeutic process and then just put it away for safekeeping.  I’m not sure if that will help or not.  I have to think on it some more.

In the meantime, as a knitter I show love, compassion, and caring through my craft.  I typically only knit for family and close friends.  And when I do that I am very cognizant of the recipient as I knit for them, stitching in hopes, dreams, kind thoughts, and power.  I have talked of the power of handknits and my feelings on it before.  What to knit for a care package of this nature?  I was clicking throughRavelry and came across this pattern for little hearts.  I’ll start knitting today and see how many I can get done before I leave next week.  How nice would it be to give a box filled with hearts?  Wish me luck!

PS – if you have any other suggestions of things to include let me know…my brain is a bit mushy still.

A brand new day.

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Is Obama President?

(thanks for the link super guppy)

It is often that you do not see how dark the cloud was until it is lifted.

Yesterday it was lifted.  The sadness, the horror, and the discontent has been lifted from my mind.

I believe that if we all sat down to talk about our ideas, values, and dreams for the future that 80% of us would be reaching for the same end point.  Our differences would flash in the methods and paths we would take to get there.  And that, to me, is our strength.

The tough part is mitigating those differences, capitalizing on them and motivating movement forward to a better future.

I believe that last night my country, of which I am unbelievably proud, choose a person who has the capacity and talent to bring us to that end point.   I am inspired, hopeful and thrilled to see the first black president take our highest office.  We have come a long way as a country and as a people and I am truly looking forward to what the future will bring.

Congratulations America.

Election Day!

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My US friends – Go Vote!  Go Vote!  Go Vote!

There is no excuse NOT to.

The New York Times

has some kick-ass graphics and interactive maps.  Go check them out.


“Focusing your life solely on making a buck shows a certain poverty of ambition. It asks too little of yourself. Because it’s only when you hitch your wagon to something larger than yourself that you realize your true potential.”  Barack Obama

What I did on my summer vaction part II

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(Let’s pretend that 3 months haven’t passed us by – ‘kay?  I’ll spend the next few days working up to present day in the mean time…welcome to July/August.)

After my lovely get-away in NYC, (which will, with the benefit of hindsight, be a very significant part of my summer)  we spent the rest of the summer traveling to KY, going to a wedding (which you have already heard about and which will, again with the benefit of hindsight become a very signficant weekend) and having visitors.

The having visitors is what lead to my blogging demise.  We had back to back fun times at Chez Bookish for about a month and a half.  It was a blast.  I loved it.  This is what it looks like in bullet point summary.

  • July 12th – Kristine, Arthur, and N arrive!  Oh, how happy we were to see them.  We took a lot of walks, ate at Wegmans, and played at the park.

2693775937_90d7228885_m 2694591778_0d852e833e_m

  • July 15th – K, A, and N leave.  And we are sad.
  • July 16th – Juli and Will arrive and we are happy!!!  We have a picnic with all of our friends from growing up and their parents.  (Juli and I are BFFs since 7th grade, and we went to college together). William gets lots of loving.  This is the best part about being back “home” is that our past meets our present.2694593246_6a4cb577d3_m 2693778667_916cbc873c_m
  • 2694594426_f194dfa376_m 2694596840_2b844b2ffc_m
  • July 18th – The rest of the college girls arrive.  Part of our annual reunion, this year in my home town!

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  • July 20th – The girls leave and we are sad.  We even show some attitude.  We are good at this.


  • July 23rd – Rob and I celebrate our 4th Anniversary.  Ahhhhh.  (this is us in Las Vegas, October 2006)


  • July 24thMaryseKellee and WB arrive and we are happy!  (okay I have zero pictures from this weekend – so image them.  Maryse – send me some – pretty please!!!!).
  • Hot on thier heels Alan, Jess, and their two kids arrive on a stop over from BOS to Detroit, they stay for one night and we are sad when they leave.
  • July 25thMelanie Arrives! Jackie Arrives (please note Jackie’s new url)!  We miss Elisa and Stitchy but we carry on. Here are some kid pics that Maryse took.
  • July 27th – The girls leave and we are sad (sense a theme here?).

We have a bit of a break here as we spend the week without people, without cleaning, and sleeping.  All of this activity was threaded with Sophia boycotting sleep (as she has done for much of her life).  I realize how much I miss having friends close, how much I miss my life in Boston and how little time I have to myself.  Rob is still unemployed and I worry about all of that plus the normal weight of the world.  Sophia keeps me going and she makes me laugh with her sillyness.

2924907115_eefef6c935_m 2924907651_d6869c514e_m

  •  August 2nd – We celebrate my Dad’s 60th Birthday (a month early) with a huge family reunion.


  • August 30th – We head to the NY State Fair.  Whew – what a good time.

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2924901501_804e49e796_m 2924902131_c5dcaff90e_m

And so we end August – and summer ends.  (Not really but you get the drift).  On to September / October tomorrow.