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It is NEVER too late to be thankful.   We had a great Thanksgiving and I was fortunate to have an extra day off for the Holiday on Friday.  Four days at home was GREAT, enough time to work on some projects, spend some quality time with my favorite girl, and get our Christmas Tree!  It seems a bit early to have a tree in the house however, our schedule over the next month left only this past weekend or the weekend before Christmas.

Mostly I am thankful for – Projects.

House Projects.  This summer has been filled with House Projects.  Rob has spent a lot of his off time (yes, he’s still unemployed, bah!) working on some sweat equity projects.  Our house was in great shape when we moved in – but it was a bit dated and ready for some work.  We managed to get much of it done before we moved in January.  Since then we haven’t done much!  These past few months have been filled with house projects:  hanging pictures, new patio!, finishing office, and finishing Sophia’s room.

Knitting Projects. I have gotten some of my knitting mojo back.  Sophia is a bit more independent now and she is (shhh, I’m NOT really saying this) sleeping and going to sleep and sleeping.  She is in bed around 8pm which gives me some time at night and I can get a bit more knitting time while she eats dinner (she takes forever).  As a result I have been a busy bee and will plan to post some of the projects I have finished here over the next few weeks.

The Mothering Project. Wow.  If anyone would have told me that it would take just about 22 months to get a small child to the point where she will sleep I might have ran screaming from the world of Motherhood.  While I was pregnant with Sophia I feared one thing – the lack of sleep.  To get a child that was not a “sleeper” was a cruel joke.  Alas, I suppose that it is not totally over as she is still up periodically and is just this week having a hard time going down again.  However, it is so much easier.  And that single fact makes life so much more joyful.  She is a hilarious little girl and is full of surprises.  Her language has erupted these past two weeks and I love to hear her thoughts and narrations.  She is quite taken with stating the obvious and narrating our daily rituals.  It is like being around a little sports caster.  Except, the things she notices, you would never have taken a second look at.  It is unbelievable.



The Fat Naked Man in the Corner of the Room Project. I have long considered this blog to be one room in my house.  It is primarily a room where I keep my creative side.  Writing, goofiness, knitting, experiencing the creative and thoughtful side of life.  I have never kept the door locked or blocked the entry of other facets.  Mostly because I am not that kind of person in real life.  If I am thinking it or experiencing it chances are you are going to hear it.  On the other hand, this is still only one room of many and at times it is neglected (will someone PLEASE redecorate – we have clashing colors, people can’t read all of the posts) and sometimes a fat naked man comes into the room and sits in the corner and no one knows he is there or, if they do know he’s there, they ignore him and carry on with their business.  Well – it is about time we talk about the fat naked man and ask him to please put some damn cloths on because it is winter and the cold does bad things to naked men.  Eh-hem.

Huh, who would have thought?  I AM THE FAT MAN.


In early August I was about a phone call away from calling a Doctor about the supreme level of exhaustion I felt.  Mind numbing.   I decided to wait a week and see if some early nights would take care of it.  No dice.  Still exhausted.  Rob teased and brought home a pregnancy test.  And what do you know?!  It was positive.  I quickly did some memory digging to determine the date of my last period.  Huh, look at that, I was a few weeks late.  Curious, I headed to an online pregnancy calculator to figure out the potential due date (potential because um, I am the type to only count chickens when they hatch and an early pregnancy does not always hatch).  I am also the full-time working mother of a non-sleeping toddler and, well I know that immaculate conception is pretty weird but it was a serious possibility in this scenario.

Anyway – I type in the date of my last period and wow! a due date pops up – March 28th.  Well that made it a bit more real.  A probable conception date pops up too – July 5th 2008.  Huh what was i doing around then?!

Damn fates, they’ll get you every time.  Note to self – trip away with husband and no kid CAN be damaging for the future trips away from kidS.

We are thrilled, I am feeling great and am totally terrified.