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Fan Girl

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Now, I would never call myself a Fan Girl.  I love pop culture but I usually lean toward the B-side of all that is normally considered pop and culture.  Have never watched American Idol, rarely watch TV in general.  Not that I’m against it – it’s just something that I am not inclined to do.  Books are, obviously, another story.  Movies too.  I love books and will pretty much read anything.  I am a bit of a literary snob, but am not above a great Stephanie Plum story.  Entertainment is Entertainment and I LIKE to be entertained.  I do not go ga-ga.  I rarely read a book twice, watch a movie twice, or listen to a CD over and over.  Just not my personality.

Except when it comes to Neko Case I adore Neko Case.  I would marry Neko Case.  I would follow her to hell and back.  I bought my first CD of her’s two years ago (Fox Confessor Brings the Flood). This CD was on loop in our house for weeks.  In fact, I wrote about it here (for the record, she is not Canadian).  The voice!  The Lyrics!  The Music!  It soothed Sophia like no other and it touched me in a way that is rare and special.  I still listen to it at least once a week and haven’t even begun to be sick of it.  A few weeks ago I found out that her new album comes out on my birthday!  This alone is worth getting a year older for.  I am super excited.  Today I found out that NPR is streaming the full video until it goes on sale Tuesday – go listen, do your ears a favor.  I’m super disappointed that I won’t be able to make the concert near us (Ithaca) because of the new babe – but perhaps one of you will go to a show and share your experience?  In the meantime if you would like to hear her Live you can do so here (the first is the best).  ( You know about the music on NPR’s website?  Right?  It’s a great resource!!)

On another note – There are two books that I have read in the past few years and really enjoyed, Atonement by Ian McEwan & The Namesake by Jumpa Lahiri.  When the movies came out I resisted watching them.  As you all know books rarely translate well in to movies.  There are some important exceptions to this rule:  Lord of the Rings, Some of the Harry Potters, Age of Innocence, and I Capture the Castle.  But most of the time I am vastly disappointed and scarred by the book to movie experience.  So – I avoid them like a plague, especially when I REALLY liked the books.  Well – I am here to tell you that both the movies for Atonement and The Namesake exceeded my expectations.  Atonement less so than The Namesake…but I was pleasantly surprised by both.  The Namesake in particular did a beautiful job of complimenting a very organic and sensual story with it’s visuals and sound track.  Go forth and watch with confidence.

On the baby front – I am at 36 weeks.  Sophia was born at 37 weeks.  We have bags packed but that’s just about it.  The house is a construction zone (literally – we’re putting up a wall for a bedroom), Rob is still unemployed, and work is NUTS.  (Thank you Mr. President for infusing money in to the NIH but really, could you not have considered your timing?  And your request to spend the money immediately?  Maybe we could just wait on few months on this line item?  At least until I return from maternity leave?)

However, we are not sick any longer and everyone around us is working so hard to help get us ready.  The name is still a mystery to be revealed when we see his face.  It’s going to be perfect.

Wow, Class of 2005 you are gorgeous

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Hi.  We’re all sick here.  Have been for weeks now.  No exaggeration.  First the stomach flu (which I escaped) and now various forms of upper respiratory infections/viruses.  Rob’s got it the worst – pneumonia.  Anyone want a poor sick toddler?  Poor baby hasn’t been to daycare in almost two weeks.  Enough about that though, if I talk about it too much I just cry.

We are officially in the home stretch of pregnancy.  Whew!  This has been a relatively easy one (as was my trip with Ms. S).  Aside from the toddler wrangling and the unemployment (Rob’s still without work) and the lightheadedness it was/is a breeze.  My midwife helped me to feel the head and identify all of the body parts of the little Mister last week.  That was super cool.  For example – right now I have an ass in my ribs.  Somehow, when you know what it is it is so much less annoying.  I’ll be at 34 weeks Saturday.  Sophia was delivered at 37 weeks, so there is a chance this pregnancy will go the same route.  We still have a wall to put up in our house (creating a bedroom), furniture to buy, and all the infant stuff to put together oh, and there is still that small problem of a name!  But I am not panicking.  We were TOTALLY unprepared for Sophia (our first outing post-birth was to T-get to buy a changing pad!) and everything turned out fine.

The real reason why I am here is to congratulate the knitting Blog Class of 2005 Knitsings put together this is a really cool summary of how things have changed and who is still where/when/how.  When I scroll through that list I realize how many of those authors have impacted my life in a considerable way.  How many I call friends and how lucky I am to be a part of this community.  How glad I am that I joined it when I did (September 2004), when it was still small and somewhat penetrable.  Gone are the days where we would all hunker down in claudia’s

living room.  The community is just too big, in a good way though – there are some amazing people out there.  And, I for one, am super glad that we are what we are.

While I do not blog as much as I used to I do still knit, quite a bit actually.  I miss writing but my life is pretty much out of control right now and I have to let go a bit in certain places – this is one of them.  I do still read all of you.  It’s my respite, my calm, my connection…so, thanks for keeping on!

ps- Thanks to Cara for pointing out the post.  Mwah.