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Samuel Vincent

Born:  March 12, 2009 at 3:43 am (2 1/2 weeks early after less than three hours of labor and just about 40 minutes after we arrived in the hospital)

Weight:  6 lbs 13 oz

Length:  19 in






Healthy and Perfect.

Sophia is a great big sister.  She really has shocked us with her level of excitement and maturity in both language and action surrounding all things “baby brother” or “baby boy”.  When we ask her what his name is she says, “Boy”.   He was finally given his name yesterday after a few days of trying on different ones for size.

Here is a video of Sophia meeting him for the first time.

Sophia meet Baby Brother. from Bookish Wendy on Vimeo

I will write soon about our amazing birth adventure.  Man, you all weren’t kidding when you said the second one would be totally different.