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I have not been blogging for many reasons.  However, there is one reason that really should not be a reason.  At least not in my opinion.  My perfectionism and my lack of skill in the grammar department.  So, here it is – a Disclaimer of sorts.

I am not well schooled in the nuances of grammar or spelling departments.  Unusual for someone who reads so much, but true all the same.  I find inspiration and joy in writing for the pure utility of it as well as the art and creative nature of words strung together.  You will find typos here, you will find sentence structures that may make you cringe.  You will also find genuine love of the written word and a mind that wishes grammar and spelling perfection could be obtained.  However, I have accepted that my mind does not work that way and at this point in my life I do not have the time or inclination to study up.  I need to accept that it does not mean that I am less intelligent or that what I have to say is less valuable.  I am not going to let the lack of skill in this arena be a barrier to hanging out here and doing my thing.    I hope you won’t either!

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