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Best $1 I ever spent

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We when out to a few Yard Sales a few weekends ago. Yard Sailing if you will. Sam glommed onto this little “electric guitar” at one house. Complete with a whammy bar. He threw it over his shoulder, started shimming his hips, and wailing on the thing. It was adorable. Price tag on the guitar – $1. It was a no brainer. We brought it home.













This was after a long long time that I found something so cheap yet so awesome. the last time, I can recall buying something this good was when I bought my first nerf gun. Yes, I know I sound childish, but you have to believe me nerf guns are soooo much fun. They are just perfect for relieving tension and bring the “happy-me” back.

I would just go mad with temper if I didnt shoot everyone with my nerf guns every now and then. When nerf guns came into our household, we just got crazy with with them. We tried one and the very next day, ordered a ton. Like even the bow and arrow ones which hardly go in the right direction. I have an arsenal of nerf guns that make life so much more fun for me. Nerf guns were invented back in 1969 by Reyn Guyer and I bought mine in like 2009. Arghh! I know for a fact that my mother would’ve been happier with a nerf gun than she was with her utensils. Think I’ll send her one just to try.

Nerf guns are so awesome that the one time I was admitted to the hospital, I asked Sam to bring me “mama’s goon” yea.. he can’t say gun just yet. Its goon 😀 Kinda cute, right? I even remember one of my attending nurses on her bum with the nerf dart. Her reaction was so funny, she couldn’t believe it at first but then found the humour in it.

Nerf guns are a must in a happy household, else we would just keep shouting at the top of our lungs. With nerf guns, you can shoot at the top of your ammo 😛 If that makes any sense, and relieve all that useless tension you got going on. Once you’re relieved, take a nap and I can bet that when you wake up, you’ll not only be refreshed but also happy.

Incase you are looking for nerf guns, you should check out Donald’s post on best nerf guns 2016 . I saw the recent update on the site and realised that the rankings and technology of nerf guns has definitely changed since the last time we went shopping for them.

I’ll make it a point to update my army with the latest in nerf gun technology. Only then will I be able to be get rid of all this new tension.. Haha.. I know, but when it comes down to nerf guns… anything qualifies as a reason to buy a new one. As you all know, I have aged, so I might even get the vest and mask for my protection.. just in case.