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Best $1 I ever spent

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We when out to a few Yard Sales a few weekends ago. Yard Sailing if you will. Sam glommed onto this little “electric guitar” at one house. Complete with a whammy bar. He threw it over his shoulder, started shimming his hips, and wailing on the thing. It was adorable. Price tag on the guitar – $1. It was a no brainer. We brought it home.


A thank you

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Tonight I played a game of Goldfish with my daughter. The inaugural game that will, I hope, lead to many more.

The cards were included within a package sent by a friend. Someone who was originally found and snatched into my life because of this blog. It is still crazy to me how much these far off people have become ingrained in my daily life and sense of self. And now they have a roll in my kids’ lives too. So cool.

Thank you Kristen!

Thank you