Knitting for Others

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I have wanted to knit a cozy winter sweater for myself. I just don’t see the point. There are holiday knits to be completed and cute baby knits to be made. I am so huge now that I can’t think of time I’ll be able to fit into something I put together myself. I am also boiling all the time. I swear this is like nothing I have ever experienced. I am normally a cold natured person, so this is especially exciting for me. Wool sweaters are not my friends right now.

Sure, I have Smarty to fit and cloth. But some days I just miss my old body and watching her stand there all smug in one of my sweaters just isn’t fun. Exactly how a headless dummy exudes smugness is beyond me – but she does!

To celebrate that thing that is beautiful and never seen here:

A shawl/scarf that I made for my Mom, yarn bought here by her ages ago. It’s Cherry Tree Hill Baby Loop Mohair in Winterberry. The pattern was a free pattern that came with the yarn (purchased at New York Knits, a LYS near my parent’s house). It’s a simple knit that went fast. I bought a scarf pin at New Hampshire Sheep and Wool and sent it off to my Mom as a birthday/mothers day/Christmas/oh-what-ever present. (Have you ever sent these. The gifts that have no occasion, yet fulfill every opportunity?!)

In other news Melanie is sick, and she knit this awesome hat for the baby. I cried when I saw it. Thanks, Melanie.