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Sophia: “Mama what’s that? What are you doing?”

Me: “Putting a panty liner into my underwear.”

S: “A panty liner?” (pause, then moment of realization) “Oh! You mean a diaper.”

Why yes my love, that is EXACTLY what I mean.

Wedding Prep

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In about a month Rob and I are headed to Chicago for the wedding of Emily, my roommate from college.  It will be the first time we have both left Sophia AND Samuel overnight.  It will, actually, only be the second time we have both left Sophia overnight.  And we all know how THAT turned out for us –Exhibit 1  and almost 9 months later – Exhibit 2.

Certain, eh-hem, precautions have been taken to prevent such a happy and glorious surprise from side swiping us this time around and we are REALLY looking forward to a fun, relaxing, very quick weekend away.

In preparation, I have hit the online retailers to look for an appropriate dress to wear to the wedding.  My dress size is a bit bigger now and my body is shaped differently.  Thanks to my friend Amy’s Fit to Flatter series it was a bit easier to narrow down possible choices.

In the end I ordered this:bdress-231x300Applique Dress from Boden.

and this..

bnecklace-231x300Flowerburst Necklace from Boden

I think (hope) it’ll look cute on, because I HATE shopping in actual brick and mortar stores.

Using Amy’s terminology – I’m top heavy and proportional.  I think the scoop neck will work nicely and the applique will draw the eye down a bit.  I may have to get it hemmed a bit as I would like it to fall just above my knee.   To think I could wear this dress for a whole day and evening and not even have to worry once about getting any goopy kid crap all over it!

Now, am I crazy enough to knit something to wear with it?  In the cold air conditioning?

Stay tuned!



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Been awhile, huh?

Well let’s forget about the space between us and pick right back up.

I’m really in to photos of profiles. Especially if they are of Sophia or Samuel.

Sam is about 16 months and Sophia turned 3 1/2 today. We’re out of our minds, but all doing great!



Potty Train

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Sophia has been partially potty trained for months. It was a very easy process.  She pees in her little potty with reckless abandoned.  The training for going #2 has been a bit more difficult.  She knows when she has to go, requests a diaper, and skips off to the bathroom to do her duty.  (Ha. I said duty).  Nothing could convince her to do it any other way.  We tried it all.  You see, she could not abide the splash back.  Who am I to argue with that?

Our pediatrician said this type of behavior normal and it was a battle not worth fighting.  Sophia would, on her own watch, move to the toilet.

The time has come.  She is a maniac.  This message was left for me today.